Need some guidance desperately
August 13, 2012
this is not my bath but one from the web that looks similar, well, I plan to paint it this color and do not have any glass, it has chrome and white fixtures, set in acrylic tub shower combo (do not like). However, this is one of two baths in house, I like traditional with a bit of fun. The kids use this bath as well. Plantation shudder on the window and a closet inside. Ok, the questions, would you go with a vintage type yellow and to spice it up put a pressed tin ceiling as these are 9 ft. ? white or copper or alum color if so? I do not want wallpaper as it is a nightmare to take off (doing that now :). If not yellow maybe a blue green, but I have so much of this paint. Also, what type of fun shower curtain could one use? Black and white? etc., Sorry for so much but I have little time to research and am unsure of what will really look good. Thanks for any and all guidance
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Emily Hurley
Hi miacaraitalia, Did you decide what to do with the bathroom? Would love to see pics of what color you chose.

I love pale yellow, so I'd probably opt for that one. Not sure on a tin ceiling though?
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You HAVE to take the colour of your floor into account.
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Taking into account the floor, you might as well use a colour for the walls that you like. People seem to be able to get away with anything in bathrooms. As for the ceiling, I myself personally would be consistent with the rest of the house, as far as texture is concerned, if not colour.
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I don't like the sound of a tin ceiling in a bathroom with steam and moisture. I don't think you need a feature for a bathroom ceiling. I love that yellow and with a white ceiling and fixtures it will look very fresh. A lot does depend on the colour of your floor.

Check out Target, they have some lovely shower curtains

You don't say how old your children are but this could be a fun one and really add some colour to your room - curtains There are also matching accessories.
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roo, that last shower curtain is adorable!
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The Aussie keeps coming out in me, bobbi
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