What are the two appliances at the far right end of the island. It looks like an oven.
August 14, 2012
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Top right at the end looks like a Sharp microwave drawer, run around $800 range plus install. They are convenient, lifting down, instead of up... Push button open and close (or push close, like a drawer). A few high end brands offer them now (all mostly made by Sharp) Can[t fit a grande or taller cup but 24" wide, just about anything else you'd microwave would fit. Below that looks like a warming drawer. Never personally thought I'd use one but our rental has one and pretty nice! Never need to time rice or veggies with main dishes anymore... Whatever's ready first goes in the warming drawer along with plates, makes for a nice hot meal and less prep stress. Left of those is a single dish drawer- want one! You can fit 2 into the space of a regular dishwasher, 24" wide. Fisher & Paykel makes them and they've come along ways from when they had issues 10+ yrs ago. Run pots and pans in one; glassware in another.... one clean, one in use, great for couples without kids, like my husband and I. We don't need full loads very often so 2 seperate systems in one space makes sense. They also do a single 36" wide drawer. These can all be done with cabinet panel front so they're totally hidden too. Bonus! :)
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*Should ay lifting plates down instead of up. The dishdrawers are also quiet and design bonus - they install to the sides of the cabinets, not the counters, so no need to drill into granite, etc. Large enough to do cookie sheets as well, they make different sizes... worth checking out if you're considering anything else remotely high end.
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Thank you. I have looked into the dishwasher drawer and the warming drawers.
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