Living Room Input needed!
August 22, 2012
we've bought a '60s style bungalow and it was last renovated in the '80s. Would love some input re the Living Room - we're moving in Oct 1st hopefully and plan to do the floors and painting first. I would like to replace the shutters in the living room with something softer - privacy isn't an issue in this room. the dining room (also pictured) is staying the same, other than the floors, and we're keeping that vibe to a degree throughout the house, but with a little more classic decor, less retro.
we'd like to do dark floors, but are open to options.
please let me know what you think of paint, window treatments and flooring in the living room! thank you!
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Dark wood floors sound beautiful in this light and airy space. rich panel drapes to frame the windows maybe sheers. Is this furniture staying? The walls seem stark white, a warm white or a warm beige noting dark on the walls but the rooms seem so cold. The ruffles on the dining room curtains are killing me. Again rich color silk panels maybe chocolate to go with dark wood floors. Have fun!!
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your place is beautiful, take some colours from the picture above the sofa for the drapes, rug and wall paint (black/brown, gold, light green)
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I love your floors!
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Wendy O'Brien Interior Planning & Design
Would be fun to create a visual interest to the room and paint the ceiling and both end walls in a dark grey and faux the beam similar to the armoire finish. Add old gold fretwork chandelier, replace the landscape (?) artwork with something softer and more abstract (using colors of pillows as your inspiration), have custom roman shades made in a dark grey textural fabric and finish it off with a traditional silk area rug (if the budget allows).
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thank you all! nothing is staying - they're photos from the current owner. walls are an odd grey colour, very cold, i agree. dining room curtains are also a Definite tear down.
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Nicole Peery
Since we do know you want dark wood floors (great idea btw), I would do roman shades in cream or white, but have a wide trim of dark brown fabric around them...can be solid or with a small print for interest. Then, in the center of the shades, monogram them to have the classic traditional vibe. The rooms are spacious. I would warm them up in a unique shade of that might have a hint of green in it to work with the landscape outside. Warm golds, dark browns and creams would work well to make the spacious room more inviting and cozy. Lastly, I would put crown molding in the dining room.
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I think nobody is going to sit in those two chairs with the cupboard in the middle unless they hate each other and there is nowhere else. Create two seating areas, one around the fire and one around the view end of the room and put the cupboard on the wall it is facing not far into the room as a curio cabinet so you come into the room, Look at an interesting collection on your way in and then choose where you sit. A couple of lovely rugs would be nice. The floors look a bit cold.
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Lori DelSesto
Wall covering and rug!
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I like the beams like they are. I would go with a dark shade, keep something neutral like the couch and add some throw pillows and a rug, dark floors and paint a light shade of blue.
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Hi-since all the furniture, etc. in the photos is not yours, could you tell us what your design style is and what colors you like? The house is lovely, by the way.
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What is your style? Modern, cottage, etc. It helps others give ideas and submit pics for you. Good luck!
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Roots and Rafters
One thing I would consider is to paint the walls a different color than the ceiling. Right now it looks a little bit like a bowling alley -- the monochromatic paint job really emphasizes the size and coldness of the room, and gives nowhere for the eye to rest. The colors needn't even be all that different; just something to warm up the rooms a bit and bring them down to human scale.

Also consider doing something to the ceilings to add some texture and interest. Something like the attached would be gorgeous. (This needn't be expensive -- there are a lot of tutorials online about getting the beamed ceiling look using 2x4s.) The beams could then be the same color as the floor to tie the look together.

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Excellent ideas, thank you all! we're looking at a contemporary style, not rustic or modern - definitely want to paint to warm up the room, and dark flooring as well. I like beige, neutral tones with colour in the accents - pillows, rugs, decor, etc. LOve the look of the above room with the beams too, thank you.
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to give an idea of the style i'm going for, the attached are in my idea book from Houzz.
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I'm assuming that furniture is previous owner (you haven't moved in yet) How long is that living room? It looks like you could float some furniture and turn it into two spaces. Are those all windows at the end, or is there a sliding or french door to the outside? Above the windows, is that a faux shutter look or is there actual window glass behind?

I would consider graphic wallpaper or textural paint element on the fireplace wall that compliments the fireplace surround. I really like the contrasting beam treatment suggested. Just the contrast will warm up that space considerably.

You may want to use two large area rugs in darker tones that work with your furniture...if your furniture is in beige neutrals, you might even want to go with color in the area rugs, that relates to what else you are doing in the surrounding rooms. Once you've got your rugs, you can start to look at window treatments, which should probably be light an airy, but could be slightly darker than the walls.
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a cappachino color on the walls - or as I say coffee with lots of cream in it color and and a brown almost black expresso like on the floors. Then you could add in bits of color with candles, pillows and such. Cahampagne curtains or shades would be nice.
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