Help needed with disaster bedroom / office
August 23, 2012 in Design Dilemma
Hi Everyone. This is my first time on "houzz" :) so I am a bit unsure. Basically would like assistance / ideas on how to "separate" by bedroom / home office appropriately in one room. The room is +- 6 x 3.5 meters, and they way it is laid out now is not working at all. I would like the room to have a good "bedroom" feel to it, but also possibly a good office / working environment. I have images of the room, but the images I have are extremely "messy" as I am busy moving things around etc. Should I add new images or draw a floor plan? Thank you so much
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Images showing the floor plan would be most helpful!
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I will attach this one for now, but will definitely take better ones this evening, and then re-post. On the left, there is a green dresser (horrible color), then in line with that against the second window, is a keyboard (on stand), and then an exercise bike (which will be moved). Then along the second window at the "bottom" of the room is the bed. and along the other all is the large office desk with 2 pc's. Then along the same wall as the pc's is the built-in wardrobe. (just in case any items in the pic are unclear). I know the image is bad, and I will re-take and then re-post asap. Just thought I could give a kind of "introduction". Thank you
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Scott's Creative Home
The first step is to de-clutter. Not just pick up but to really eliminate the unnecessary in this room. Could you make it a priority to de-clutter this weekend and repost a new picture. I am interested in seeing what a change that alone will make.
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I will certainly do that, thank you. Will remove all the unnecessary asap, and re-post. thank you
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You are right about that green! The one thing you have in your favor is the size of the room, at least from the pic it looks large. And I love that floor. I'm curious to see how it looks after your ruthless decluttering, too!
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*Bobby - yes the room is quite large. I will also measure the exact size when I re-post the images. The room also gets a lot of light, which is great. I am very excited to redesign this area, as I spend so much of my time in it. And possibly while I am at it do all the rooms :) Thank you for your comments
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Cannot see room too well. The gray & white curtain panels are nice with the reddish floor. Is that a black valence? I like the green dresser. Can the dresser be placed at the end of the bed? Look for a black bed covering for your bed. Buy sheets and pillow cases in gray. A floor plan & photos are necessary.
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