Accentsto make room come alive!
Johana Vladimir
August 31, 2012 in Design Dilemma
Need suggestions on accessories for this LVR. Looking to maintain an elegant, classic coastal look; yet have it feel like a soothing space.
I will be adding on top of the sofa a set of wall frames (6) in a sequence as well.
Any other expert advice will be appreciated.
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Vikrant Sharma Homez
Lovely Rug , lovely LR ,Just add some coloured cushions on the sectional , and haven't you heard
Less is more !
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I like this ideas ...
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I'd move the couch out from the wall a bit. The sheers need to be doubled up and I'd look for a different rod which is longer so the panels can hang outside of the window. I think a patten or stripe fabic would be better there. You could add a couple of chairs and a console opposite the couch.
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Manon Floreat
I think an end table to the left of the sofa with a glass table lamp that resembles beach glass would be a nice touch decor wise and for practicality purposes as the room looks like it could use additional lighting. The coffee table could stand to be moved closer to the sofa for functionality, as well.

I like the idea of a console opposite the sofa and love the look of ottomans stashed beneath it. The Buddha statue might find a nice atop the console. A small scale armless chair to the left of the fireplace angled towards the sofa would round out the seating - if there's room.

For the fireplace, consider clearing the mantle and placing driftwood sculpture. The one below is a candle holder. Candles have a wonderful way of soothing. I can't quite tell what it is you have before the fireplace - is it a screen? There may be a better option there . . .

I think you have a nice room and it already looks quite soothing. Hope you post after pics!

Plankton Wood and Silver Leaf Console

Coastal Light Green Seeded Glass Table Lamp

Samar Ottoman

Driftwood Candelabra
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Windows and the recess above them make for difficult decorating. To trick the eye into believing the left window goes to the floor, duplicate the other mirror and frame with a mirror and trim mounted on the wall under it to make a faux window to match the other one. It will be behind sheers, and doubling up on them as suggested by houssaon will help camo the visual trick. You'll just see reflected light that makes it seem the two windows are the same. Seems the recess makes it difficult to hang drapes to hide the window frame and the windows crowd the fireplace too. Looks like some of the crown has been cut away over the FP. Consider ceiling mount rods for a possible solution. I would turn the rug and sectional to float in the center facing the FP. Is that art propped on the wall and where will it be hung? Wherever it goes, I'd put a large cabinet on the opposite side that carries your classic elegant coastal theme. Manon's accessories are spot on. We might offer more insight if we could see a photo taken from the FP to the opposite end.
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Johana Vladimir
wow! thank you houzz experts! I have a lot to think about here!! The fireplace will eventually get a white frame with space for a mantle. At this time I cannot really put anything there besides flat pic frames.
The butterfly art will be hung up above where it sits. I was thinking in placing a console or media table beneath to provide support.
The view from the FP out is of my study area which is still under construction.
Again, thanks so much for the input and great ideas!!! ;)
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