How do you stay warm in the shower without an enclosure?
September 2, 2012
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
Wouldn't the water be warm? And the house would be heated in winter? Not sure I understand the issue. What a fabulous bathroom.
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I live in Miami. The shower enclosure allows the hot steam to envelop you when you shower. Without the glass enclosure, you will be cold regardless of the hot water. I ordered a whisper warm vent for the bathroom. Cynthia - did you work on this bathroom?
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
Nope, dfinkle. This question was displayed on the general discussion forum for houzz and I noticed that it had not been answered by the architect in the 30+ hours that have gone by since your question was posted. I was curious to know about your issue. As a Canadian, my experience is that in summer heatwaves it would be a pleasure not to be surrounded by the steam, and I don't see an issue here in wintertime either. I've never lived in a hot climate so I'm unfamiliar with your issue.

So, you like this shower style, but you think it's not for you? You're probably right. Were you looking for some kind of specific information? If so, you might be best to look up 'modern house architects' email address and contact them directly.
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Ok thanks. Try showering with your shower door or curtain open and you will see the issue. I love this bathroom!!! I just wanted to hear if this an issue for this homeowner bc I am doing the same thing.
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
Actually, my in-laws used to have a home in Sebring. When I visited there, I showered with the window in the shower wide open and loved having the outside air contrasting with the heat of the water! I actually do that here too when weather permits. So I guess it's an entirely personal preference and we are exact opposites! :)

This photo was posted by the architect and they are probably not very likely to be contacting the homeowner to ask such questions now possibly years after the completion of the project. Perhaps someone else on houzz will comment, however.
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i understand dfinkles concerns completely & definitely found that an issue in UK even with heating etc, but now in QLD australia & not such a problem. I suppose you were looking for constructive advice & i see a couple of options....heat lights are great here, and also under floor heating mats which are super thin and can be placed under new tiles/flooring rather than within concrete floors (best reserved for incorporation within new constuction).
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dfinkle- where may I purchase a whisper warm vent? I am adding a wet room to my home and am concerned with the cold weather and trying to stay warm. Thank you
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