Need opinions on exterior siding

kthomson89September 4, 2012
So we've decided to do an overhaul on our house's exterior and replace the siding and windows. This will give me a chance to eradicate the Marge Simpson blue paint that my husband is in love with. There are are approximately 10923092 split level houses in the neighborhoods around us that are almost identical to our house, and none of them have done what we are thinking about doing so I'm not sure if it would be a good idea. Thoughts on the ideas below por favor!

Here is what I'm thinking
White trim
Upper level- board and batten painted a medium weathered gray
Lower level- either board and batten as well or faux masonry siding if we have the budget for it.
Upper roof peak- board and batten that is white or the same weathered gray OR shakes painted the same gray color.
What would look best on the chimney??
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HI -- Cute bi-level . I think your board /batton idea might work but I think it will shorten the look of the house . Whatever you do should be in long horizontal lines . I think a medium grey is a good choice with lots of white trim. How about some cedar shingle panels on the gables in a natural stain wood look. I don't think you should chop up the levels with seperate textures . All one kind of siding is best . If the price is right for you , having a stone vaneer on the lower section and up around the front door area would be attractive in a grey or cream/white texture color mix - also carried up onto the fireplace stack. And maybe a bit on the lower 1/3 of the garage. A bigger light fixture in black over the door and same black fixtures on the garage. Then a great bright color on the front door or a prefered black in a satin finish. The garage door looks OK in the white but would look better in the same grey used on the house.I think the house needs it's own front walkway to the front door instead of using the driveway , -and of course more landscaping in the spring or you could put in perennials now . Late summer early fall has the best prices. Hope this helps !
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Thanks for the ideas, I love them! I actually have a gallon of black satin paint that is destined for the front door once I find the time to scrub it down. I'll keep my eye out for light fixtures on sale. Thanks again!

Oh- landscaping is definitely under way. I had to transplant some hydrangeas and peonies from my mom's house a bit earlier than would be ideal so they are chopped down to about a 14 inches high. I'm also adding a boomerang shaped butterfly garden on front right corner of the yard- I'm sick of looking at grass!
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