Are these sloped in this application? How much?
kreweSeptember 5, 2012
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The Ranch Mine
Great question. Yes, very slightly. They are sloped 1" per 6 feet.
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I've read that a minumum 15% slope is recommended--Of particular interest since I'm in Louisiana. I really need a minimal slope, and 1" per 6 ft would be great if it can be tollerated here. Any thoughts?
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The Ranch Mine
I think you would have to talk to the manufacturer at Rain isn't really an issue in Phoenix, as it is in Louisiana.
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Thanks; I'll do that. I'm trying to replace a patio cover for my mom that was lost during a hurricane, and the standard aluminum patio just invites a reoccurance. I thought about building an aluminum or steel frame with a fabric top that could be removed if a storm threatened. Her lower roof line (facia) is roughly 8 ft above grade. I know they make roof mounts that attach to the rafters, but penetrating the roof shingles and decking and then attaching a sail doesn't sound like a fantastic idea to me. If I had a square frame built then all the tension of the sale would be taken by the tube frame. I don't know yet -- just thinking.
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The Ranch Mine
Best of luck with your venture. I think the removable canvas would be a smart idea for a high wind/rain area as you can attach them with easy on/off carabiners . Roof mounting wouldn't be the best option as it would void the shingle warranty (if there still is one) and roof penetrations in a climate with driving rain doesn't sound great.
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How is that attached to the house?
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The Ranch Mine
Sorry it took me so long to respond, I must've missed the alert for the question. They shade sail anchors are tied into the roof trusses under the eave
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