1st time homeowner - living room help!
goldieeSeptember 8, 2012
Hi everyone. Hope you can help me out. I'm struggling on the best coffee table/ottomans to go with our cream color couch, brightly colored traditional style rug, and large painting. I ordered the wicker ottomans you see pictured, but I think they are just too dark and do not work well.

Any suggestions for not only coffee table options, but end tables, lamps (the floor lamp has got to go), and any other decor suggestions would be much appreciated (Just got the pillows to try)! I keep second guessing everything! Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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maybe you could use the wicker ottomans as the end tables, if you want to keep them, but i think you need a rectangular or square coffee table. there are so MANY cool tables out there.
i think one of the pillows you have on the right is too much like the rug. If you want to do a print, maybe get something larger, more graphic, geometric maybe. what does the other side of the room look like? Would like to get a better idea of the entire room.
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Nancy Hehmann
One question is about the use of the room. Is this your main activity room or will it only be used for formal times? Another question is the screen black or brown?

If it is a semi formal living room, you might want to go with what they are calling a Cocktail ottoman. I say this b/c in our main activity room a lot of people are wanting to put their feet on my coffee table (not my formal living room).
The other point is you might want to tray a combo of black iron and wood particularly if your screen is black. That would tie it in and I think they look very nice. This would add more interest to your room to have different types of materials. I am sure a lot of places have them and it depends on your budget. Haverty's usually carries of variety.
If you need more high end furniture, then it also depends on your location; but Thomasville, Drexel, Lane and Pulaski all have nice items that are American made and will stay nice looking for a long time if taken care of. They have websites you can browse. So perhaps some more information would help.

I posted a link below to a site that shows a variety of tables. But, I have not used this site at all.
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maybe a fabric ottomon in a stripe or solid for your coffee table, as shown in this picture. are there children involved? sharp edges on coffee tables can be hazardous. something to keep in mind.
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I think the scale is wrong on your little wicker cubes. Since you went for wicker, what do you think of this? It can be found here: http://www.luxeyard.com/living/cormorant-coffee-table.html#
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Hi again everyone - thanks for your initial input. Since I last posted, I've removed the screen from this room to create more space. Don't mind the picture...I know the painting is now uneven over the couch since re-centering it after moving the screen. We are having plantation shutters installed on the window, so I will likely remove the curtains. I'm also thinking of changing out the rug for something more neutral (perhaps seagrass, may be open to a design but in a more neutral color like a pale yellow or gray?). I may also move the painting to another room in the house and exchange it for a grouping of art instead. What do you think? Any other suggestions? I'm attaching an image as well as an image for what the opposite side of the room looks like (entryway). It's an office area against the wall (please excuse the mess, I'd like to eventually get a new desk there). This is the first room you see when you walk into the house so I want it to be both attractive and functional! Won't be an every day living room as we have a family room in the back of the house.
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I think this is a nice room and only needs a bit of punch. I agree with another writer that the wicker would make nice end tables. I like your idea of an art grouping over the sofa, using images that have strong colours and put some pillows in to reflect those colours. A coffee table with some glass would be nice and help achieve an open feeling. For the desk area something a little less "modern" would work. Perhaps you could find something on craigslist or a thrift shop , something with a little character that you could paint in a favourite colour. The desk chair is nice and seems to work with the rest of the room. :You could also add some interest to the room with a unique lamp on one of the end tables, perhaps introduce an element that you don't currently have in the room (ie metal, wood, ceramics). You're definately on the right track, just put something of yourself in your styling. Good luck.
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I like the rug. What about a glass coffee table? Perhaps a couple of mirrored end tables with a lamp on the corner end table? Or a low, tufted ottoman?
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