Bedside tables
September 8, 2012
Do you think bedside tables should extend (or be long enough) to meet the wall beside the bed? Or doesn't it matter? I often feel if there's space between the bedside table and the wall, then something's 'missing' or something should be there. Any ideas? (I'm redesigning my bedroom).

Here's an example - my bedroom isn't this big.

Tomar Lampert Associates - Transitional Portfolio

This example here shows space between the wall and the bedside table.

Kate Davidson Design Inc

Do you think the bedroom should be 'balanced' or doesn't it matter?
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Gabberts Design Studio
The room definitely needs to be balanced but there is more than one way to achieve this. Personally I feel the extended bedside table fight too much with the size of the bed. You want some kind of focal point in the room and in the picture you uploaded everything is fighting to be the center of attention. I feel some space on each side of the bed is a good thing and can be filled by using accessories. This doesn’t mean you can’t use an extended bedside table you just have to consider how long it is in proportion to the length of the wall you are putting it on and if your room is smaller than this I don’t think I would recommend anything extended.
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I think the example photo looks extraordinarily awkward. One does not have to fill every single corner and space with something. If it truly feels like something is missing, and someone else confirms that concern, then it probably means the nightstands are not scaled appropriately. Try something a little larger and see if it helps. If it doesn't, go incrementally larger from there. Mock it up with cardboard, and then look for pieces that are of a similar size and shape.
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I like there to be a little "breathing room", even if just a few inches. So, I vote no, don't have table to the end of the wall.

There has to be balance, but I prefer things not to be too matchy-matchy. I would like the first bedroom to replace one long open table with a smaller solid chest type end table.
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I have to admit I hate the look of those bedside tables in the first photo. They look like someone bought two coffee tables by mistake and stuck them by the beds. I think simpler, smaller bedside tables are just as functional and much more attractive.
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Custom Home Planning Center
Hang floor to ceiling drapes 12" off the wall either side of the bed wall leaving enough space between to fit the bed and two small night stands. You may want to go with a more dramatic headboard in a style you like.
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