ceramic floor vs linoléum
September 9, 2012
Two problems: kitchen ceramic tiles are very cold in winter and we can hear footsteps from the kitchen when we are in the basement. I would like to change the tiles for a heated floor or linolium, which is better to solve both problems
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
Neither will provide sound deadening between the basement and upper floor. A heated tile floor is nice, but also has drawbacks. You may want to take a layout of your room with measurements to a local tile store and discuss this with them.

A heated floor is pricey - not only the cost of the heat mat itself but also the electrical work to install the thermostat. It can also just stop working at some point in the future if one of the small wires down in the mesh breaks apart. Some companies say it can be fixed but, as remodelers, we are skeptical of this.

Would you consider wood flooring with area rugs?
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Walker Woodworking
You should also look into vinyl flooring, we just put that down at our beach house and love it! It's thick and very durable. But here are a few points to consider in regards to your question, I am not an expert but we have a basement and have used all types of these floors in the past at some point.

1. The only type of flooring that will probably help with footsteps is carpet or rugs as Deborah suggested.
2. Heating ceramic might actually add a layer to your floor between the ceramic and sub floor and minimize how loud those footsteps are.
3. As mentioned above there is a significant cost difference if you are thinking about adding heat to your floor.
For me in this situation cost would probably be the deciding factor- how much are you willing to spend for the luxury of a heated floor? I love the feel of a heated ceramic floor - its wonderful!
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Custom Home Planning Center
I find the use of radiant ceiling panels do an excellent job of heating the tile and have used them in a number of bath locations. They come in 2' wide by 2,4,6" lengths and are very cost effective. or the solution could be as simple as comfort mats http://imprintmats.com/
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I believe the Marmoleum 'click' flooring would definitely help with the noise. You can get a thick underlayment for better sound deadening. Also, this product can be installed on top of your existing flooring (floating floor) if you were not sure of removing the tile. http://www.coolgreenfloors.com/?gclid=CN2P3eLhhLMCFaaDQgodtiUAXw
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