Help with window treatments Please???

imaginateSeptember 10, 2012
I just love this site ... It can certainly be addicting. I have attached pictures of the window treatment before I took them down and after. Now, I have to decide what to do. I have thought about running a wrought iron rod as shown in the picture all the way across and adding three small, lighter fabric panels on both ends and in between the two windows. I took down the vertical blinds also, as I never shut them. Should I consider trying to put molding around the window on the right so that it matches the sliding glass doors. Any thoughts/ideas would be so welcome!
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Manon Floreat
It really looks better with the valance removed. I think adding trim around the window to mimic that of the sliding door trim is a good call. I really like the sleek look of of the track and window treatments in this photo.

the Bauhaus living space · More Info

Whether you use a track or a rod, be sure you mount it wide enough to allow for the curtain stack. From the photo, it looks like that white thing in the upper left corner may interfere with your stack
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Fabric window treatments bring visual weight to any window and many times to the room as well. Sometimes it's a good thing and other times it isn't.

In my humble opinion, the drapery panels you had were not adding to the windows and I don't think sheer panels will be any different. Removing all the window coverings has opened up your space and created an airier feeling.

Don't try to make the windows look like one unit. Embrace the fact that they are different and use it to create (2) different features that work well together.

If privacy is not an issue for you, then I would put some fabulous trim work around both window and slider. Maybe the slider's trim could have a little more to it than the window since it's larger. Bridge the gap a bit between the two by using wider casing.

If you end up feeling that you must have some fabric around your window, then I would suggest a simple valance or modest cornice over the window only......maybe even plantation shutters halfway up too. However, I would add the new trim work and then choose the look that gives the room a more open and updated feeling.
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So do you think it's possible to pull it off without any window treatment? It definitely brightens things up and brings the outside in more. Thanks so much for your ideas ... I really need the help.
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Cabell Design Studio
YES! I like YOUR idea.... a very simple rod with very simple treatments would work well here. Keep the fabric light, a soft linen perhaps or a cotton twill. Can't wait to see the after pictures !
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The window needs casing and the slider may benefit from a more substantial on Houzz for "window trim."

If you put up any treatments, I would suggest doing something lightweight and minimal to the small window only......

Again, search on Houzz......type "plantation shutters" in the search may help you envision what your window could look like and help you decide if this is a look that appeals to you.
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If I change the trim on the slider to something with a more substantial header and add that to the window to the right .... Do the rest of my windows in this area of the house all need to match? This is a great room, so you can see all the kitchen windows, dining, music room and great room from the front door. Thanks again!
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Since the slider leads to the outside, the trim on it can be different from your windows. Treating them separately may be difficult for you because you previously decorated them as one unit.

Typically, you would want the same trim on all the windows in your great room. The same would go for all the interior door ways in your Great Room. The interior door ways do not need to be treated the same as the slider because the slider is a passage to the outside and can have it's own identity. On the other hand, you should consider using the same trim on your windows and interior door ways in the Great Room. It's visually best not to use multiple styles of mill work on windows and door ways when trimming out in the same room.

There are general guidelines that trim installers follow when deciding on trim. Many professional installers dislike deviating from their idea of what's typically done. However, I have seen skilled carpenters do some unique trim work for clients which others in their trade have viewed as not being "correctly done." I believe the reason so many people have the same style trim in their homes is due in part to trim workers adhering to the basic rules for applying trim.

Look at pictures of trimmed out doors and windows. See if any particular style of trim appeals to you more than others. It's all personal preference.

Continuity is always a good idea when dealing with windows and doorways located in the same room. Yet, it doesn't mean that you have to dress every window the same. With that said, it is equally important that your choices look cohesive and work well together.

In the end, only you are able to see the room as a whole and ultimately make the best decision.
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Lemonglass Design
I would suggest 2 high curtain rods with light sheers on both. I would avoid having only 1 panel between the door & window. There should be a pair on each, as 3 never looks correct (you couldn't actually close them– this is visually bothersome, even if they are just decorative panels). If they have to cover the window slightly in the center, it shouldn't affect your incoming light if they're sheer enough.

I would also add moulding to the window so it speaks the same language as the door casing. It doesn't have to match perfectly, but you are right, it will feel more finished & cohesive. If you want to go all out, a basic crown moulding could work wonders in this space.

Here's a funny tip that I love to share when it comes to window treatments,

If you feel your ceilings are too high to mount the rods right at the ceiling (which I would suggest as it will make your ceiling feel higher & with sheers it will still feel open), split the difference and mount it equidistant between the top of the window & the ceiling. If you add crown moulding, just below the moulding always looks great.

Good Luck!
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