Walk in closet....what lighting will meet code??

SheilaSeptember 10, 2012
We're building a master walk-in closet. 7.5ft x 11ft. My electrician wants to put in flourescent ceiling fixtures, but I really hate those. I have them in the current closet and you can't tell navy from black, etc. All colors are "off," plus they make me feel like Tom Hanks in "joe vs the volcano." I've seen some nice versions of track lighting. Does anyone have some insight on this issue?
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I'm doing something similar, and my electrician specifically recommended against fluorescent lights because they take longer to get up to "full output" light and also because fluorescent bulbs don't last long when they're frequently turned on/off without being left "on". He said that in a closet, you want a light that immediately emits its full lumens and can withstand being "on" for short periods of time... so he is putting in fixtures with a standard (medium) base and then using warm white LED bulbs. I've tested his recommendation in my office and so far I think he's right! Good luck.
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Sorry, I just realized you also asked about code - you're required to keep fixtures a certain distance away from closet rods and shelves (I *think* it's 12").
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Thanks for the input. I'm in negotiations with the electrician now, lol!
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Fluorescents only require 6 inches
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Matthew Swanson
My electrician told me today I couldn't use the the flush mount light fixture I bought for my closet because the glass has a 1 to 1/2 inch opening between the ceiling and the glass
Shade. He says it won't pass code. Sounds like a bunch of shit to me. Not sure where to put the light I bought months ago and can no longer return now.
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