Which parts of the Kitchen Cabinets to be White or Expresso?

gubbaySeptember 18, 2012
I would like to do a little tweaking to a traditional kitchen to make it feel more contemporary, without spending a lot of money. I am thinking to have part of it painted white and leaving some the cherry brown, or if the price isn't too high, paint the rest expresso. I am also thinking of taking out some of the curves in the top moulding, range hood and possibly the corbels and arches in the cabinet glass, and putting in some glass mosaic over the granite above the stove top. What do you guys think? How about white on the top row of cabinets by the window, around the range, and other appliances and around the island? Any other suggestions to keep it balanced or get the most bang for my buck?

The floor is travertine and the adjacent family room has expresso wood floors and a new stacked quartz fireplace. I'm also going to need some huge (but not to expensive lighting if you have any product ideas.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
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i honestly have to say this kitchen is lovely just as it is... It can be so difficult to coordinate the colors and shades of the hard goods in a room and this room has done it extraordinarily well. Maybe you could start with paint on the walls then look for art work and accessories, counter stools and other furniture pieces that are a little more contemporary to offset the more traditional cabinets. Change out the ceiling light with something you love then let that be your inspiration!
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Andrea Bashore
I just saw a beautiful kitchen with Espresso on the bottom and white on the top and it worked wonderfully.
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I would paint the walls gray and refinish as much of the cabinetry as possible in espresso. Here a couple of light fixtures that would work without having to change any of the kitchen hardware... http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Metal-rimmed-Off-White-20-inch-Chandelier/4070935/product.html
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Take a look at rustoleumtransformations.com for an easy way that is getting good looks and favorable reviews! Not expensive either.
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I painted all my cabinets white, and I wish I'd painted the bottoms a different color, something darker. I really love that look. It's not expense to do, just the cost of paint, a brush and a roller, but it is really, really time consuming.
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Euro Style Lighting
Beautiful kitchen! But if you want it a little more contemporary, possibly lightening up the cabinets like you suggest. But what's even easier than that is adding fun, contemporary lighting! And not just because we are biased to lighting. :)
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This is such a beautiful space with so much natural light...it just needs some more warmth...I would add a creamy antique glaze to the cabinets and darken the inset-ridges with an espresso brown...then warm it up with some layered textiles for the windows..espresso brown wood blinds for privacy, cream colored sheers and layered with a muted turquoise linen drape that would stack back flat against the wall on the large bank of windows and a roman shade over the sink window...I would paint the walls a nice creamy khaki (think coffee and cream color) and paint the inside of the arches a rich dark brown (the same color as the inset-ridges on the cabinets). I would add copper accents for decorations to the top of the cabinets. This space has so much potential...good luck!
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Sandra Ericksen Design
The kitchen is classically traditional but it does not look dated. You might consider lighting as a way to get immediate updating. It appears that the lantern in the dining area might be a bit small. A more transitional chandelier would help with the update. You might even be able to bring in a pendant over the sink. Raising the height of the hood over the range above the cabinet line would give that wall more interest. If you do so, you could use a different material on the hood (stucco, stainless, paint). Also, the glass panels could be replaced with either seeded glass or antiqued mirror panels to give them more interest.

Regarding styles of lighting look to Currey & Co., Troy, and Corbett to see if you find something that speaks to you.
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I saw that someone suggested the top cabinets painted white and the bottom espresso. I would do the opposite. I have all white (very contemporary) cabinetry and I am CONSTANTLY cleaning. Having espresso on the top would keep the kitchen looking cleaner. And... white on the bottom tends to make the lower cabinetry 'disappear'... not a bad thing when you're going for a modern look.
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I think this kitchen is lovely as is but if the owner wants something different, then I would suggest hues of grey. Something totally different A dark grey on the bottom and a lighter shade on the top cabinets. I would paint the island a wonderful shade of color...like green. I would leave the walls as is. I would change the flooring to wood. The countertops and backsplash would need to changeto something that goes with the new color scheme.
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I actually like this kitchen but I think you need some color everything is very white....floors, walls. Add some pendant lighting above the counter and change out the light in the dining room. All the white flooring is a concern too but that could prove to be expensive but might be an improvement.
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Cindy Hannon
I agree with the comments by kvastudios. I think if you changed out the hardware you could update the look as well and add color to the walls with paint. If you like the brightness of the white, maybe one oainted accent wall (the window or range wall) with a deep rich (not bright, almost leaning towards a burgundy ) red or rust/cinnamon color. I think that would warm up the space and if you added a chandelier http://www.lampsplus.com/products/uttermost-vetraio-collection-island-chandelier__18226.html or pendant(s) over the island http://www.lampsplus.com/products/walnut-mission-style-pendant-chandelier__43240.html to help bring what looks like a tall ceiling down abit to also warm up the space. It is a great kitchen, even if you left the color (or paint the island black)... any way good luck and have fun!
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Linda Anthony
if you paint the tops cabinets espresso and the bottom white, they would appear 'top' heavy...
There are SO many cool Industrial Lights available now - increase the size the dining area, perhaps use two! Use a group of lights along the long eating counter - remove the current light at end of counter - too small and looks like it was put there as a 'last minute' idea. Utilize those 'pot' lights to get electric to all of them.

Your space is SO massive, I would hire an experienced interior decorator as I believe it could be totally transformed w/o painting the cabinets. Paint is harder to keep nice, especially when it's done 'on the site' and not done professionally and the finish baked on for easy care and cleaning. The over all room and design is so unique.

Tons of new lighting for this massive space - the pot lights do nothing for the area. Paint &/or wallpaper to highlight unique curves. Something special needs done in the massive wall above the stove/oven/ ref area.

A professional decorator will bring in a board with all the proposed colors/fabrics/textures etc so you can visualize how it will look. Bar chairs with low backs, and seats could be another area to add texture - same with LARGE area rugs - not typical kitchen runner type carpets.

Remember, BLACK is the new 'neutral' and is always classy!
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Chrome Lilly Interiors
Paint your perimeter cabinets (upper and lower) in a creamy white that harmonizes with your countertops and wood and leave the island as is. A gauzy roman shade in the same hue would help finish the room.
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I would paint all the wall cabinets white. The "island" espresso. I would paint the two walls a brown, taupe or grey. I would remove most of the top moulding (if not all). Change out the hardware on the cab doors and drawers to something more contemporary in a brushed nickle or whatever finish is on the faucet. For light fixtures look for something in a silver finish metal with lots of glass, substantially sized. Since you have the beams you can go for a rustic - contemporary look.
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I would have the island a different color than the rest of the cabinets, put white soapstone on the countertops and choose a special backsplash from http://www.kmt-bcia.com/ Also, faux paint the hood above the cooktop. That would fresh up this beautiful kitchen. good luck.
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Very nice kitchen. Love the idea of expresso on the bottom, off-white uppers. Since you really don't have a backsplash except behind range, I selected a dark glass tile which could be installed either horizontally or vertically... A stainless steel hood would definitely add to the contemporary style.
Like this light-it's whimiscal and circular-much needed with all the lines/squares... I'd offer paint colors but since this room opens up to other spaces I cannot do so without knowing what your furnishings are... Have fun...http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=contemporary+lighting&view=detail&id=6CD045C14096BA3CCD610EF06F7185E969CF0C92&first=72
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Sea Interior Design
Fortunately the door style is square, so that helps to transform the kitchen into more modern than traditional. Those counter high walls by the window would look great in a white. The island espresso for sure and change the hardware and the legs/feet at island that usually goes a long way towards the defining the style.
Or if you have to leave some of the cabinets in a wood finish, leave those by the window and have the others painted white/or grey for the bottoms. Pull the grey from the travertine on the floor. If and when you can add a different counter to the island, a solid depending on what colors you choose. Granite has a lot of movement. If you could a honed black granite, or a whitish engineered stone.
Add pendants or a really cool barrel lamp above the island. or 3 smaller ones. Add some color to the walls and yes, that back splash where the range is...has to go. Glass tile would be good, but you could incorporate the travertine and glass into the mosaic. Switch the hood for a stainless and add cotton rugs/flat woven runners to warm up the space some. Modern accessories and you should be done. The beam is awesome in that finish against the white. Those cabinets by the window can be sanded a bit to make them look a little more rustic. The crown is not bad because is cove, so you could keep that provided you refinished the cabinets. Not sure how modern you want to go, but if you are replacing the glass you could go for a rusted metal screen-in place of the glass it would contrast a bit with the shiny stainless;and make those cabinets in that area- a little more industrial/rugged.
You are very lucky to have this much space in your kitchen, am sure your special touches will make it great. email if you have more questions/photos: info@seainteriordesign.com
Please, post pictures of what you end up doing.
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Decorating Den Interiors Kim Herning
If I understand, you want to add some Contempory accents to this traditional space for a low cost. This is a Beautiful kitchen, although a little safe and boring. The builder did not take advantage of the two story ceiling and stagger the heights of the cabinets. At the very least, I would replace the range hood with a design that extends higher on the wall, go with something dark as an accent. If the budget allows change a few of the upper cabinets to taller ones or re mount a few of the existing ones higher. I would NOT have the upper cabinets painted a light color, unless you paint the kitchen walls a dark color. This is a Large open space, the dark upper cabinets work in the space. If you want a contrast in the cabinetry, have the island painted ivory or why not a color ? If you are seriously considering painting the cabinets, have a professional do them, although it is not cheap , a good professional with put two to three coats of finish on the wood and they will hold up much better than DIY. He / She will also do Dummy boards for you to approve the color.
I would caution going too contempory in this space because of the resale factor. Stick with transitional light fixtures. Have a good sized chandelier installed over the island --black wrought iron, straight lines as opposed to curvy. The walls need some color and I would take the color into the adjoining family room. You need some LARGE sized pictures in the space above the cabinets on the range wall and you need counter stools and a window treatment . Set your buget and work with in it.
Good luck and have fun.
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I would not paint the cabinets. The walls are white and the flooring is light tan. Maybe a light gray on the walls to give it more color.
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Beth Morrow
Wow! Your kitchen is beautiful!!! But, before I touched that wood, I would paint the walls . Since brown and beige are so neutral, just about any color would work, but I could see a blue gray in there. If I just had to paint something, I would paint the ceiling beams, or only the island. You have so many places to accent...that wall over the sink and over the cooking wall could have a contemporary paint treatment on them. Bring in some contemporary glass pieces to accessorize the counter tops and some contemporary bar stools like maybe a clear acrylic stool. Hang some pendant lights over the sink.
But first, I'd really think..."am I really contemporary?"
Wishing you the best of luck in your beautiful home!
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Interiors By Holly
I would paint the uppers, stain the lowers espresso,change the hood to stainless, and change the legs on the island to something less traditional. Love the backsplash previously shown.
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Linda Anthony
I agree with Beth. Paint walls and add other accents b/4 painting cabinets. So many other things you can do. Again, get rid of hanging light and get many more great lights, over the counter, over the island, and over the sink! So much interesting to accent!
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Terri Tucker
All espresso cabinets! Top and bottom :)
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Staged & Styled by Susan
Beautiful kitchen with great light. Actually, I would not paint the cabinets...it is very difficult to get that perfect showroom finish and is very expensive. Perhaps new hardware; larger than the small knobs; that can change the entire look of the cabinets. I would remove the dark brown wood vent hood over the stove and replace with either a stone or tiled arch or perhaps a travertine arch in terracotta. The one thing I would paint would be the island cabinetry. Pick your favorite color and don't be afraid to go bold - you can then pick up that color in the other accessories and fabrics that you use in the kitchen.
I notice the walls are white and that makes the room look like a big walk-in freezer. Pick a color with warm tones to coordinate with the cabinetry - perhaps a creamy beige with golden or carmel tones.
Make a beautiful fabric valance top to go above that beautiful window. I would remove that strange hanging lantern on the beam and add 2-3 pendant lights over the island. Add in fun colorful accessories and maybe a bright patterned runner somewhere on the floor to bring in more color.
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It looks like you are just moving in. If that is the case, wait, wait, and wait some more before painting your cabinets. Live with it as is for a while. Let your friends come over and tell you how beautiful your kitchen is. Then paint the walls, add nice furniture, update the lighting, remove some of the corbels, replace the range hood. Enjoy as your kitchen evolves into your kitchen.
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Rosemarie Wood
Dittos!!! Personally, when we moved into our house, 30 years ago, a wise elderly lady told us to live in our house for a year before we did anything. Did we listen? Of course not. What could she tell a young couple with their first house? Let's just say that it's good advice. I think your room is beautiful, just the way it is, and white with the beige would need some bold colors to liven the area, or it would definitely be bland. Wait, wait, wait!
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I'm interested in your refrigerator...the extra wide one - what brand is it :)
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Just paint the walls a fabulous color, your favorite, or and rich red or wine.
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Beautiful kitchen. I would work with your hood (eliminate cabinetry top) to make it more of a focal point. Structure some dry wall above it, add corbels. Paint island (maybe!) only-- and only in something like distressed off white... Accessorize! And lighting for sure - pendants above the peninsula and island...
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Have you given any thought to painting the tall behind the stove area. Personally I don't like wood cabinetry covered with paint.
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Wow, lots of responses and 50/50 for the painting of the cabinets. I'm confused. The Fridge and Freezer are Viking. The walls are so big throughout the house and its an open floor plan, so painting would have to carry through. The family room is going to be contemporary. Cream Shag rug, Grey Fabric Sectional, Ivory Leather and Espresso woods, with an accent color of a rusty orange.

Josie, The Fridge and Freezer are Viking.
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I understand your confusion! Personally I think you are very brave to ask us for help. LOL! As for painting the walls and having to carry through the color, maybe not as much as you think. You could paint the wall behind the range/fridge only, or that wall and the wall with the sink and glass doors. Or you could carry it through the entire open space. It would be nice if the cabinets were white to have a bit of contrast between the cabinets and the wall behind. If any cabinets were to be painted white the upper cabinets on the wall would be the best candidates, because the reverse would be and look weird. So the question is do you want the bottom cabinets against the wall to be white or espresso? Once you have made that decision your next decision is if you want to paint the island and or peninsula the same as the lower cabinets or different. I personally prefer the look of the island and the peninsula being different. I think it gives it more of a furniture look - which I like in the kitchen. But either way it is going to look wonderful. You have excellent taste and this is a beautiful home, your questions are intelligent and your ideas sound beautiful. Be bold and do what is in your heart to do.
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Laux Interiors Berlin
first of all: great space! I have always loved the kitchen from the movie set of "Something's gotta give" - http://moderncountrystyle.blogspot.de/2011/10/somethings-gotta-give-kitchen.html.
This as an idea for the way I would go. But it is too white white for your house.

There is no doubt a walnut overload going on in your space.
Since you like contemporary with white and grey color scheme you should definitely paint the cabinets.
Either the top ones in an off white/ light grey (Farrow&Ball "Blackened", "Skimming Stone" or "Cornforth White") and the bottom ones espresso or dark grey (Farrow& Ball "Tanner's Brown" or "Down Pipe")
or all cabinet in the same middle grey (Farrow&Ball "Plummett", Benjamin Moore "Sweatshirt Grey" or"Pewter"). No madder what you do - paint the insides of the upper cabinets with glass doors white!

I would go with lamps and stools with an industrial look - to add a little "rough around the edges" feeling. So that it doesn't look to perfect - like directly out of a catalogue.

Have fun!
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Vikrant Sharma Homez
I Personally feel your Kitchen suffers too much of Wallnut , I suggest remove the panels from upper cabinets and put glass there to break the Monotone Wallnut .
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Paint the perimeter cabinets white. Replace the frosted glass with clear. Replace brass hardware with chrome or stainless, something simple and contemporary, but not necessarily "modern." Paint the island a color...something current that works with the countertop. If you can, I also recommend you replace the island countertop with a different, simpler granite and remove the appliance garages (I think that's what I'm seeing on the far wall) and add an interesting backsplash. Finally, I recommend adding more light fixtures--pendants, chandeliers, whatever is appropriate--that are a little bigger and more eye catching.
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Linda Anthony
great suggestions here, but the one I agree with most is to move in and live with it for awhile.
I would not paint over those cabinets, am sure this a VERY expensive kitchen and would destroy resale as painting over this wood will NOT hold up and could look tacky in a short period of time.

*change hood as others suggest
*paint and up date island and change counter top as suggested
*add lights, lights, lights! over island, three or four over eating area (or a massive grouping as I've seen), over sink as well.
*paint walls to warm the area
*add industrial chairs to counter for eating (keep backs low) - fabric seats for coordinating colors
* coordinating area carpet will have a huge impact
*remove 'garage' doors and see if you like it, if not, put them back on
*eating area is so long, perhaps change out or paper the 'insert' looking part of the wood (5 of them) and that would warm the area up as well. THAT is the part which makes the kitchen look so massive and stops the eye from moving into the kitchen - coordinate with wall over stove/ref

STILL suggest you hire an interior decorator to coordinate it all with family room - may be cheaper overall and you'd have a TOTAL finished look instead of 'patched up' attempts...
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Thanks Linda, I like what your saying. Which area are you speaking of as the insert area of the wood/eating area? The bottom Cabinets between the kitchen and the Nook?
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Linda Anthony
The long 'eating' counter as shown in your main picture. I count six (look like an insert) of them and the seventh is around the corner. With all the absolutely gorgeous lights I've seen on houzz and elsewhere, I believe they would make huge statement. The single light you have is sad and out of place! It appears it is over some 'dining' area. Use it some place else and make a statement with your lights and paint on the walls. You could change the hardware on the cabinet drawers (as another suggested) but make sure you utilize the same holes or hardware which would cover the hole (as I see most of them use a knob) I think if you start with the drawers, you will like it better. Could change out the others later, but I would spend my money on the lights and paint, and statement carpet.

I live in an 1833 farmhouse and the kitchen is native cherry - i would like a change but can't bring myself to paint for the same reasons I gave you. I have a galley kitchen, so took the doors off over the stove (first thing you see at the end of the galley) and off over the ref. Added some of my white Longaberger pottery and it opened up my small space. (backs of cupboards were cherry stained).

I also have an old barn ladder (with hand hewn barn beams) hung on the ceiling there and decorate it according to holidays. Two brothers, who own four furniture stores, remarked on liking that ladder.

Your kit is so beautiful and interesting with all the unique arches and wall design, and believe you will love it when it is warmed up. Just make sure lights are on dimmers or utilize low wattage bulbs and/or those decorative bulbs... Want the lights to be soft, not overbearing! Wish you well!
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Mint Design
I suggest you only paint the island white and use a high gloss creamy white without a glaze. The perimeter cabinets look more like custom furnishings when dark and provide a nice contrast against the wall. Add more beams on the ceiling, definitely where the ceiling joins the wall, and perhaps cross beams for the to appear functional. If you do not want beams paint the existing ones to match the ceiling so they disappear. Change the range hood to stainless. I am enclosing some photos which I hope will give you some ideas. I prefer the more traditional range hood because it is more in keeping with the design of the kitchen. Paint or wallcovering colors as well as accessories can ad a more contemporary edge to the space with less investment and will not harm the resale value should you decide to sell at a later date. :)
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Linda Anthony
One more suggestion, when you are done with painting etc, add LARGE accessories with color - forget about a bunch of smaller accessories. A few large, here and there. kitchen too big for small accessories.
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My EZ Kitchen Remodel
You have a really nice kitchen, but I would do a few things to bring the scale of the room down because of the high ceiling height. Hanging pendant lights over the peninsula would really help. You could use a cable system, which would give you flexibility in positioning the fixtures. Another idea you may not have considered is putting in a lower ceiling, which would give the room more definition from the great room, and make it feel cozier.
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Big beautiful kitchen, but to go modern...

Take off the upper cabinet doors and go for open shelving look and update hardware to horizontal stainless steel. Get rid of appliance garage doors on window wall and put up horizontal subway tile with glass mosaic trim on backsplash and behind cooktop. Paint remaining upper cabinets a soft white. Take out legs under island top and replace with brackets like bar facing out to family room. Throw in some brightly upholstered metal chairs with backs for comfortable seating.

Paint a bright accent color around the patio windows and on the opposite arched wall going to living area. Definitely update the lighting with with a matching glass and chrome chandelier over your island and in the dining area.
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