Please review my design board for my girls' shared bedroom

Nichole Groshek_ShaveSeptember 18, 2012
I've never compiled a design board but I am willing to put this out there and take ANY and ALL critiques I can get! We will be moving into a new home the end of year and I want to have a plan for all our rooms. Nothing is ordered yet so EVERYTHING is up for grabs so please feel free to give any suggestions. Also, it would be great to hear if there was anything you loved :)

Below is a picture of some samples I like and also a floorplan so you can try and visualize the layout.

Thank you!
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Cannot read the gray chip nor the flowered one below. Very cute. Thoughts: will the beds look good even if unmade or messed? Are their beds easy to make? Do you have 2 young girls?
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Nichole Groshek_Shave
Thanks for taking a look. The grey chip is a sample of sheer fabric that will be used for a canopy over their beds and the flowers below that chip are examples of 'poms' that I would like to hang above the beds. The bedding that I would like to mimic is from Land of Lod "Fade to pink" (it is on their website). I don't have the beds yet so I can't say if they will be easy to make. But my 2 1/2 year-old already makes her full-size bed and that is with a duvet cover so I'm hoping to get a single layer blanket/quilt for the twin beds.

Yes I have 2 young girls - 2 1/2 and 1 1/2.
I hope this answers your questions so you can give some more feedback!
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I love your colors! Only change I might consider is to paint the walls in a neutral color and to use the pink that you have for the walls throughout the room in accessories. Don't get me wrong I love pink it is one of my favorites but neutral walls allow for more versatility! If you still really want to paint pink use it on the focal wall - such as behind the beds. For the neutral consider a soft silvery gray or a rich white. Good job, I think your girls are going to be so happy! I love the turquoise and red, your prints are great fun - lucky girls.
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I took a look (made to pink). Nice. How about the "aqua" color for bed sheet(s)? What color is wall trim? If trim is white, would white sheer be better than the gray sheer?
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Hi---it's Beautiful! The only thing you may want to experiment with is the wall color. I love pink, but with the red and various warm hues, I think a pale turquoise might be a better choice. At any rate, good for you... Have Fun!
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Nichole Groshek_Shave
j222b I LOVE both suggestions. Will certainly change to white sheer (duh) and the aqua sheets will add great punch - maybe pillows with aqua too?
natalie - I'll have to think more about not doing pink walls. That's hard for me. Thanks for the suggestion. It is kinda a lot pink ;)

I need to do something on windows too. Any ideas?
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Inspired Interiors by Wendi, IIDA
I LOVE your color palette! Would definitely add some aqua pillows. And perhaps a fun rug in the sleeping area in that color, too? Such as this hopscotch rug from
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Pillowcases aqua like sheet, or did you mean throw pillows. Not clear if you are having shams? Shams the same as the comforter. "comforter" can be folded back to show the aqua sheets & pillowcase. Pillow + aqua pillowcase can be inside the sham or behind the sham or in front of sham (whatever looks best). Sometimes I like just a bottom sheet and the "comforter" used as a top sheet (bed-making easier).
Window treatment STYLE: I like the bed area to be the diva. The bed area in this room is very diva-ish. I'd keep style of window treatments very simple to not distract from bed area. Just blinds or a drape panel or valence or shades.
The COLOR for the window treatments depends on the bed frame and bedding. What color is the bed frame (wood, paint)? is there a dust ruffle or will the bed frame show?
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Nichole Groshek_Shave
I don't like a lot of pillows on the bed either. On the twin I'll probably just use one pillow from the aqua sheet set. I hadn't thought about bedskirt and with this type of comforter folding it back would lose the "faded to pink" effect. Diva bed style it is and the curtains will be flanking the kitchen set area so simply probably is best. I don't have any twin bed frames yet and was considering the idea of no headboard at all. Thoughts on the window treatments and bed???
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The sham shown is 1 light pink ruffle on top + 2 medium pink ruffles in middle + 1 dark pink ruffle on bottom. You could have pillowcase in the medium pink instead of aqua. If you sew, you could buy 3 pink fabrics & copy the sham with pink stripes (very large middle stripe in medium pink). Now I am wondering if the aqua sheet set is just too much. Maybe better: buy medium pink sheet/pillowcase.

No headboard is fine. But the bed frame usually shows somewhere. I like to repeat the bed frame color (or dust ruffle fabric that covers the bed frame) at window.

If there is an innerspring, cover with medium pink bottom sheet & paint frame in medium pink to "lose" the frame. Simple window treatment in medium pink. Problem: I wouldn't want to invest in expensive medium pink venetian blinds so if you are having blinds for light control, I'd chose white blinds and add a medium pink valence. If you buy a bed: I like white paint and innerspring covered in medium pink sheet and curtain treatment white (white blinds & valence) to repeat the bed frame.
This shows a diva bed area with window treatment very plain (although I think dust ruffle fabric should have been repeated somewhere at window).
Breakers Project · More Info
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Nichole Groshek_Shave
What is the 'innerspring'? I think that will help me understand your explanation better.
Yes, I LOVE to sew! I like the picture you posted. I never would have examined it simply because of the color scheme but it is a great example and I see what you mean about putting some of the bed frame color on the window. What color would you do a dustruffle? Also, I was thinking of painting the walls the medium pink color... that would probably be too much of that shade. Suggestions?
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Innerspring: Box spring probably the better term. The covered wood framed springs that are often under a mattress. I like to cover them with a bottom sheet.
I like to sew, too. I've made fitted twin bottom sheets and pillowcases. Warm fleece for cool weather etc.
I'd do a dust ruffle in the medium pink.
I think the wall pale pink wall color is best.
The background of the wall board is medium pink. This is confusing. Can you change the background to the wall color pink?
Maybe the black kitchen set repainted? White table and aqua chairs or visa versa or all aqua or ?
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Studio NOO Design
I love it all, congrats for using color ! I love the pink walls and the rugs too !
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