Need help for home exterior to update 70's Mansard roof~!
September 20, 2012
We are trying to add curb appeal to our home! The wood shingles are 30 years old and can't hold out anymore. I do not want a boxy modern facade (i.e. stucco on 2nd story instead of wood shingles) because our interior is a classic coastal look...but our town does not like wood siding, so I have been looking at hardiplank at least for bottom half. I have had an architect draw a couple different renderings, but everything seems to make it look even more boxy (by trying to box in the mansard roof). Have considered adding front porch, adding trellis/pergola to front door area and in front of big window, adding windows to 2nd story, which is not as easy as it seems if I box it mansard roof. Would love any suggestions or leads to architects who have addressed this type of roof before!
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Vikrant Sharma Homez
Do you want to remove the shingle look ?
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K.O.H. Construction Corporation
I don't know what the building codes are in your location. The Mansard roof system is attached to the second story walls, therefore removing it is not an issue. Is it allowable to add a roof system to the second floor? I looked at your idea book. The gabled, remodeled house is attainable. Is that the look you’re wanting?
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Thanks for your responses. I started a new idea book to show my existing house and inspiration pictures. I have been told by various contractors that i can remove the mansard. But, I have a flat roof and I cannot build higher due to 20 foot height restriction in my town (well, in theory I could build a little higher because height restriction is based on slope on my lot but due to neighbor view issues, it is unlikely to get approved. So, I am stuck with the flat roof. The shingles and roof need to be replaced. I like wood shingles but hard to get them approved in this town as siding.

I am thinking of taking off the whole mansard, and adding a few windows on 2nd floor...I even have architect drawings adding a covered wallway and small porch to right of front door with standing seam metal roof. But, because of the upper window in living room, the porch would be 'low' ceiling height, and may even draw more attention to the top heaviness of the house. I really hate the way the windows are 'inset' into the mansard. So, i am trying to figure out if I can get some 'overhang' over the edge of the flat roof. Every set of drawings I look at, it still just looks like a big box. thanks for taking a look!
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Would it be possible to shorten the mansard by a couple of rows so that a pergola could wrap all the way across the front and include the garage? Would suggest the garage portion only extend three feet, while the part over the entry and mounted between the windows would provide a deep covered area for a stone patio and entry way to replace the cement. Or you could faux paint the cement to look like stone, carrying the look all the way out the drive. Have you considered replacing the shingles with steel ones? They look great and will last forever.
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Thanks for your comments! wrapping the pergola around is a great idea...i will have to ask my contractor if removing part of the mansard is feasible and less costly than removing all of it. I was not familiar with steel shingles but as I drive our neighborhoods and see shingles that look shaker-like, I think they must be steel or cement-type, because the town planning department hates wood (actually, I have been told I would probably not be able to replace my wood shingles with wood! We had a brush fire in our town almost 20 years ago and lost hundreds of homes...very strict on building materials these days). thank you!
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I understand that your shingles and siding need to be replaced. Manmade materials are available to get the same look if that's what you want. However, when I look at your pics, the only problem I see with curb appeal is the garage - it sticks out like a sore thumb. So the easiest and least expensive way to increase curb appeal is to paint the garage door the same colour as the house, or at least the roof grey, so that it doesn't appear to be racing toward you. I like the pergola idea, too.
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