how to decorate a windowless dining room
September 22, 2012
how can I make my windowless dining room appealing? I really like windows.....please don't advise putting up fake pictures depicting windows...don,t care for that.
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Mirrors would help bounce the light around the room, especially if you have a chandelier. Without natural light I would keep my wall color in lighter tones.
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Framed mirrors would be my choice as well, or have wallpaper as an accent wall.

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thanks...sounds long mirror????
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does anyone have pictures to share on windowless dining room?
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I found these: [houzz=Signature Properties Model Home] [houzz=Naples Florida Home] [houzz=Loft Dining Room]

If you don't have an outside wall where you could add a window, can you add a skylight, or is there a second floor?
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great..thanks so much
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NexTrend Design
Lots of good ideas here. How about a picture of YOUR dining room? Are there 4 walls, 3, or are there 2 walls opposite each other? is it open to the living room and/or kitchen areas? Depending on how many walls & where they are, you may want to add art on the opposite wall as your mirrors to reflect something beautiful in colors you love. I love the wall lights between mirrors on the above photo by Robin Baron... very classy looking. Add a dimmer switch for your chandelier & other lighting in the room to create the mood you're looking for... brighter for a daytime luncheon, dimmer for softer romantic evening dinners complemented with candlelight.

(I'm not sure my next comments apply to you but maybe to someone else reading this) We almost ended up with a windowless dining room because our outside dining room wall was facing the neighbors. But then I got a brainwave and asked my husband (renovator extraordinaire) to build me 2 boxed out windows and use glass block to let in light while maintaining privacy. It looks fabulous and it just so happens the windows are facing west, so when the sun is going down, the golden evening light shines in and starts dancing & sparkling around the room because of the wavy pattern & reflections on the glass block. It fills me with delight every time I see it happening. If anyone requests to see a picture of these boxed out windows, I can make the effort to take one and post it.
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Please post your dining room! I am struggling with a remodel of 1800 square feet of poorly laid out space and the only way I can fit a dining room after expanding the kitchen is to pull part of the existing DR into a closet we'd open up... currently the DR gets all of the natural light from the kitchen, but 1/2 of the planned DR would be w/out windows. Thanks for any help!
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