Sliding glass door or window?
September 25, 2012 in Design Dilemma
Hi everyone! We just moved into a new house (so please excuse the mess!). The house was built in 60s and updated throughout the years....making things a little "hodge podge" (don't think I've ever officially used that word). Anyway - these windows are off the master bedroom (essentially taking up an entire wall). The view is of awesome tropical plants and our pool. Here's the issue: there is a sliding glass door in the left (sliding from left to right) - and then an "80's" style crisscross window to the right. Ideally, I'd love to get one huge sliding window/door - but those are thousands. I'm thinking of having our handyman pop in another matching sliding glass window on the right. Will that look good? Or strange to have two sliding doors side-by-side? A friend suggested plantation shutters over crisscross window - but that blocks the view. Btw - totally private, so curtains aren't an issue. Lastly, I could just install a new window without crisscross and add moulding - but that's the same price as adding another sliding glass door. Any thoughts or suggestions out there?? Thank you!!
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I think two sliding glass doors would look strange. Replacing the divided lights window with just glass is the best option.

If we were talking two french doors, that would be another story. For some reason, those two can stand next to each other and not look weird. (?!)
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
I would live with them as they are until you can afford to replace them with all French doors and windows that look like French doors.
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If money is an issue (it would be for me) I would add an identical sliding door as the one have on the left. With oodles to spend one large window with folding panels would be the most beautiful option and the most practical. (Seeing your lush surroundings I wish I would be the one who had to decide on this, I would even be happy with no door at all and crawl through the window to get out there!)
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Either put the set of doors you have already in the center, take the two windows out. You can either center the door and add two stationary long length windows to the sides, so you can have a wall of glass.Or get a whole new door and double the size. With the slider in the middle.. see which costs less to do. The shutters and all other treatments will hide the view. You can always when you are done with changing the doors around add other window treatments. I have some more ideas on this for you.
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Thank you all so much for your ideas!! Soooo appreciated!! I'll update photos with final decision as soon as we get it done!
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Celia Dole Design
unless u have another window for ventilation...double french doors, {5 or 6 ft.}.windows on either side.same trim as doors.. gd garwood construction as per my designer
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Hi, I actually like the idea of a full wall of glass (sliding doors) to give a mid century modern feel for this bedroom.

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