I'd like some ideas on our cottage reno please
September 26, 2012 in Design Dilemma
We are empty nesters. :( We are also selling our home and moving 20 mins to our cottage to live fulltime on the water. :)
I've designed this cottage once and just before i have at it again I'd like some input on the reno please.
Lets talk about logistics first. Looking from the angle of the pics shown, the septic tank is 19" to the right , then it heads away from the lake straight back.It's over built so it's rated for three bathrooms.
Again from the pics as shown , my bride has no problem removing both upper and lower decks that are facing south and tweaking that end providing you screw the two decks back on to the building when you're finished. The balcony is off our bedroom....that contains no bathroom on that floor. That's a concern when you're 53, if not today, then at 3:00 am tomorrow. ( read, I own a prostate ) :)
There is about 80' to the left of the cottage, 75' to the right, and 400' behind. All level ground.
My ......our :) wish list is as follows :
I'm the cook , and a damn good one.....and I'm modest too.
We need a bigger one.
We have three cars and a boat. The boat on the trailer is 24'.
( sterndrive to hitch ) If you're thinking about suggesting a master bedroom/ensuite on the main floor , fill your boots, but don't bother suggesting a glass wall separating the master bedroom and the garage.....I've know this girl since grade 11, ....it ain't going to happen.
My convertible and boat will just have to entertain themselves.
I'm thinking a two bay with two lifts, so the ceiling will follow the trusses.
We would like a large walkin closet. ( yes we, it's all about keeping a balance ) Happy wife , happy life. She owns a clothing boutique, you do the math.
We would like a screened room with removeable windows containing an eight person hottub, and stone fireplace.
All the interior walls in the present cottage can come down, the entire weight of the cottage is bening carried on the outside walls. The cottage is small , 22' x 32'. The budget is $150,000 ......stop laughing.

We are open to suggestions.

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HI --Ken .... I love your sence of humor and your place is adorable . My husband and I have been looking for friends like you for years now. Ken -- can you build a new structure for that amount in your area ? All I can think to say is to get an architect to figure out what is the best way to make your place all you need it to be for a happy life/wife. This is something bigger than long distance ideas can solve. My husband would love your boat , but I always say..." a boat is just a hole in the water you put money into". Good Luck , Ken and Wife ..... your new friend .. Lynda
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Hi Ken. I'm in agreement with lefty47 on this one. If you are planning to move here as a permanent residence you will need a bathroom on the same floor as your bedroom.

I encourage you to consult an architect who is knowledgeable in the area of Universal Design. The house can be renovated in such a way that you can stay in your home comfortably in the event of physical, vision, or hearing limitations. When building a bathroom, leave enough room on each side of the toilet for an assistant. An elevator may be a good idea.

Some sites for you:
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Laughing so hard, you make me think of my husband! He's a damn good cook also and much appreciated! Would love to see a plot plan and a floor plan of the upstairs. Your pics provide good info. Where is the boat ramp?

Lovely cottage and location! You have a view off the front and the RH side. You drive up on the LH side of the house. Think about a set-back detached, two-story, barnstyle garage on the left of the house, double wide, double deep, with guest facilities (two large rooms with a bath between) upstairs. :)
A lift for your convertible could work if one of the cars is low enough to accomodate.

A gabled, screened room on the RH side of the home facing the lake with a hot tub and fireplace could fit into the 19 feet(?) between the septic field and the house. Fireplace would have to be at the rear of it so as not to interfere with the view.

Time to demo walls upstairs and locate a 2nd bathroom (for your prostate!) with a walk-in closet. Your upstairs hallway could become a great walk-in closet in the dormer area. You would probably need to lose a bedroom upstairs to get the space needed for the bathroom. Therefore the reason for guest quarters above the garage. :)

Definitely worth consulting with an architect to stay within budget.
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Elyn's Library
Start with a floorplan of existing structure - go to your local Kinko's or equivalent and have it reduced in size and then have a couple dozen copied on to 8 1/2" by 14" paper. Then start playing with "what if" pencil sketches. Take some time to play with several variations and see how each of you like/dislike - "that's-not-bad / "are-you-out-of-your-mind" - love/hate all the various options.

Unquestionably, you must have an accessible bathroom adjacent to your Master Bedroom.

True story - I had a bad fall about 9 years ago and thus spent considerable time with hospital bed, wheelchair, walker, crutches, etc. Much better now, thank you. A bit over a year ago DH and I decided we really like this basic house, location, etc. etc. so decided we would remodel this house so we can retire here and live here comfortably even if we have to deal with wheelchairs, etc. So I drew up some plans to do many of the "someday" upgrades and modifications we've talked about for years (been here 23 years) and I incorporated a chair lift/elevator, several french doors, widened aisles in kitchen, roll-in shower with wide doors in to bathroom, all toilets replaced with handicap height fixtures etc. DH thought I was over-building and so we eliminated the elevator, all but one of the french doors, tightened up the kitchen floor plans, etc. The only thing we kept was the extra-wide entrance stairs, the 36" entry door and the french door leading from the entry in to the house. His job got super busy which meant we got the handicap toilets installed and the stairs built but everything else was postponed.

5 weeks ago DH had a fall at work that resulted in a badly broken leg and messed up knee. He is due back from hospital/rehab facility later this week. The only door he can use is the new one. He has stated that we will be re-revising the plans to include chairlift/elevator, more french doors, roll-in shower, widened aisles.................................................

It's a lot easier to plan and install this stuff ahead of time and have it in place than to try to do an emergency "modify" in a matter of days.

We'll be fine. But if you are already thinking this might be a nice place to retire - plan and install what you will need now. Things like a chair-lift/elevator don't have to be installed now - just make sure to allow a couple of "extra-large" closets on top of each other on each floor - check with elevator folk to get dimensions - and have the electrician install the appropriate wiring to the space - even if you don't use it for years.

Beautiful cottage and lovely location - no wonder you want to stay. Good luck - take some time to plan for the "grey years" and you can enjoy it for even longer.
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Hi Lynda,
Nice to meet you .
Yes , we can do a reno like that for around $150 or less. We live in Nova Scotia Canada and they haven’t quite caught on to how much lake front properties cost in the rest of North America.
Thanks for your advice, I’ll probably get someone with a degree in “ space “ and how to fill it,to give use some ideas before we start.
....If you’re interested , I’m attaching an article I wrote last year in a magazine. I’m not a writer, I’m in sales, but Merlot can make you do crazy things. :)
Also, a boat brings a family together.It’s not very expensive if you look after the yearly maintenance My nineteen year old son’s girlfriend loves to wakeboard.....just say’in.

Ken & Sharon Warren
157 Shortt’s Lake rd west
Brookfield, Nova Scotia ( summer )
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Still Waters Design
Hi Ken, You should look into the Legalett slab on grade foundations with radiant heat if youa are going to add onto your existing place. Also building with SIPS is a great way to build a quality home .
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