Help us update our lamp post!
September 29, 2012 in Design Dilemma
We are replanting the center of our front yard, and right in the middle of the space sits this 80's red brick lamp post. Any ideas on how to re-vamp it without ripping it out? We live in San Diego and are going for a more modern, desert look with agaves, etc. in the front yard.
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Consider boxing over the red bricks with galvanized steel and respraying the post.
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Ann Christmas
Is the lamp post in good condition ? the top looks a bit dodgy from here ? I would pull the whole thing
out OR paint it out with a greenish copper look to blend with your agave plants, putting in a raised
bed well out around the base and fill with bluish/green leaved succulents which will sit up with the
agave bed when it is mature.
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Dytecture has a great idea! If you could find a container taller than the brick muffin, cut a hole in the bottom big enough to fit over it, fill it with dirt and make it into a planter. Possible? n_serdiuk debora carl landscape design
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Hey, everyone, brick really is not indestructible, so if you want to camouflage it like Dytecture said just build the box, but please don't bury it in dirt-just because its covered in dirt doesn't mean that it can't deteriorate, and if it deteriorates, then the pole will be coming down.
You could "rustic" it up more. You could hire someone to apply some plaster to the bricks, and then rub some of it off so some of them are still visible, and then plaster over the cement part on top. If the lamp itself is in good shape, you could paint it. Of course, the plaster should match the color of the plaster or stucco on your house, and the pole could be repainted black or maybe a rusty red to match.
Another idea might be to plaster it, but then embed the same type of clay roof tiles that are on the house in the plaster in some kind of pattern of your choosing.
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The light post doesnt enhance your architecture nor will it blend in with your new style plantings. The clear glass panels allow a light bulb to blind you as you walk/look toward it. Im all for saving and re-using things if they work, but I think this one will draw negative attention, no matter what.

If you simply remove the concrete and brick, you can still use the electrical connection for some very attractive landscape lighting to accent the sculptural effects of your blue agaves, purple flax, sea lavender, etc. Better yet, install a low voltage/multiple fixture system that can be tucked in here and there along the pathway to your entry portico. When lighting your landscape you should see 1. where you're walking and 2. what is being highlighted, not the source.

Dont neglect the right side of your pathway (asymmetrical format) and include something vertical and evergreen just forward of your valves and hose reel to conceal them. (a dark chocolate garage door and some window/door trim would change the look immensely too - to enhance the Spanish style. Have fun !
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Thanks for all the ideas!
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