Need help configuring an alcove outside of small apt. kitchen
October 6, 2012
Our new city apartment has a small kitchen but has an alcove right outside of it. How can we best configure the alcove so that we can have an eating area with 2 seats as well as additional counter space, and space for a small toaster and microwave?

So, the goal is to extend the kitchen into the alcove outside of it.

The alcove space is 84 in. wide; 52 in. deep on one side; and 24 deep on the side next to the open kitchen door.

One idea is to add a butcher block-type rectangular bar to the space to double as both eating and counter-prep and toaster/microwave space. The eating end could have two high stools (with backs, is my preference). Does such a thing exist (a bar type thing, not an island per se). What do you think?

Can we stack the toaster and microwave safely somehow?

No need to have storage in this space, as there is storage elsewhere.

Many thanks in advance.

Please see pictures showing kitchen, left side of alcove, back of alcove (which is two nice windows), and right side of the alcove (which is next to the open kitchen door).
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Would the bar you envision run across the windows, kind of like a bar you'd see in the front window of a coffee shop? I don't see why that couldn't be done. You would probably have to have it built.

Would you remove those shelving/cabinet units on either side of the windows?

Changing my answer: Microwave and toaster question - I have no idea. Better check with someone who knows.
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Like this (who knew it was so hard to find a pic of this concept) but with stools with backs?
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Yes, that is the bar type of idea but not as narrow so that we could use it for food prep as well (and there's the question of the microwave and toaster placement). It has to double as eating and food prep/counter space, but this is definitely on track.

I see your point about the shelving/cabinet units on either side of the windows. They are built-in and we need to keep them because we are renting the apartment. Also, they provide valuable storage space.

Thanks a million.
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