Dining Room - feedback please!

sarahsteeringOctober 8, 2012
I am a first time homeowner on a tight budget but want to have some fun with my decor. I am looking for feedback on wall color (or wallpaper?) for my dining room. Also ideas for curtains or sideboard or maybe art? I have two purple velvet dining chairs on order that I'd like to incorporate as well. Thank you for your thoughts!
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Otrada LLC
Sarah, so far so good. A neutral paint will showcase the wood tones and textutres of the dining table.

What's the furniture piece under the window? Can you move this to the end wall and put a piece of art or it OR perhaps a leaning floor mirror against the far wall to match the glam of the area rug and provide a visual extension to the space. In genetral, you'll just need a vertical piece (art, mirror, etc.) to move the viewer's eye up the far wall and beyond the excitement of the rug.
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The furniture piece under the window is a bedroom bureau that will soon be relocated to a more permanent home. I like the idea of a leaning floor mirror - thank you - and would never have thought about the need for a vertical piece but it makes so much sense.
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Otrada LLC
Plus, you can use a piece like this in so many versatile ways - great item for a 1st time homeowner :) Sorry for the typos! Yikes, I need to slow down.
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Aggie Purvinska
Beautiful! The two purple chairs can go on the ends of the table. I think the wall color needs to change though to a darker gray or a lighter off white. A buffet should probably look similar to the table, and a beautiful large piece of art or a large mirror above with candle sconces. The leaning floor mirror would be nice, too, if there's room. For the curtains, I would keep with similar to chair color (natural linen), if you are going with the darker wall, but maybe the duo tone linen with a large horizontal stripe. If you are going with the off white, an off white curtain, matching walls with a wrought iron rod.

Custom Two-Toned Banded Knife Pleated Drapery Panel · More Info

Vereaux Buffet · More Info

Parsons Floor Mirror, Natural Solid Wood · More Info

Ness Candle Sconce · More Info
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Plush Decor
We think your amazing furniture is a god place to start! Because your furniture is already working a rustic/contemporary look, why not continue! Maybe amp it up with our own Contemporary rustic wallpaper, with hints of Gold and modern curtains! see the attachment below!!! hope you like it!
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You are on your way and will have so many choices your head will spin. Purple chairs...loveit! Here's my suggestion go with the purple...light on the walls and the color of your chairs in the window treatment.
Amoroso Design · More Info
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You have some great pieces of furniture! Here is first and ideabook and then some sample photos of color schemes using purple. Because of the blue in purple you need to use warm bold colors to accent with to keep the room from feeling cool. Yellows, oranges, turquoise and green are great colors to work with.

Are your table and rug oriented on the length or width of the room? Is it open to the kitchen and living area? Think about how you will tie those rooms together with purple accents and paint colors. Fabric in drapes, chaircovers and pillows can also help.

Ideabook: Inspired by Nature: Purple and Green · See Ideabook

Reservoir Dining Room · More Info

Lindy Donnelly · More Info

Living Room · More Info

Katie Rosenfeld Interiors · More Info
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Wow...this is getting me very excited, so many great ideas. So much to consider! I like the idea of bringing in some pattern, either through wallpaper or the curtains, hopefully to tie in with the purple chairs - but not clash with the chevron rug. Is this possible or should I stick with solids, or perhaps the two-tone/colorblock suggestion? Can I wallpaper an "accent" wall...I know that's usually done with paint, would only one wall look unfinished (the other walls would be painted a coordinating neutral or grey)? Thanks to all....
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Hi Sarah, my first thought for a wall colour is grey. Bring home a bunch of grey paint samples to see which works best with the purple you have chosen for your accent chairs and other chairs. I love purple and grey together. Since you have such a bold pattern on the floor, I would not do an accent wallpaper wall. A grey and white fabric for the curtain would work.
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Hi again Sarah,
Because your rug is so strong and bold, keep your drapes subtle. A lovely textured silk in gray or soft white.

If you move the rug to another location, that would open up alot of design possibilities for you in the dining room. Look back at the 4th picture I sent you. That blue and white rug is very graphic like yours, and all other surfaces were subtle. Same for the 3rd picture.
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Thank you Elise...the notion of "subtle" as I move forward is a good tip.
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Love your rustic table and iron chandelier paired with the bold zig zag rug. Make sure your chairs have at least 28" clearance to pull back from the table before you place more furniture in the room. I particularly like this floating shelf/buffet as a space-saving serving area.
A.P. House · More Info
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