Change the look of this stone fireplace
October 12, 2012
I don't like the stone used in the fireplace of the home we are buying in TN. Is it possible to tear out the stone and use something else?
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For Sure, it's only decorative and easy to remove, consider that insted:

I'll ship it to you at factory price.
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Or Maybe a stone mantel:

all can be shipped directly from the factory.
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Susan Jablon Mosaics
You could cover it in tile! Using one color in a neutral from the color scheme of your furnishings (I'm guessing that's not your furniture, so not sure what palette to suggest) will make the fireplace an elegant showstopper! I wouldn't do anything with too much variation though because it is so tall and you don't want it to be busy. Here are some example of fireplaces with mosaic glass tile:
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ct design studio
Personally I like it and with that large of an expanse, I would want something in warm tones with some texture vs. a tile. Keep in mind whatever you change it too, there will be a lot of it. Adding some elements to it to break it up may make it easier for you to live with.
St Clements Great Room
Mike G Project
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If you are tearing it out, I'll take it! I love it!
what exactly is it that you find offensive about it? the color, the vastness? Is it real stacked stone or faux?
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I don't like the gray color and the small size of the stone for such a large area. Maybe a decorative mantle and a large painting would help. The owner is removing the black wood stove, so it can be used as a traditional fireplace.
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You could just cover it with a stone veneer. Or, hot rolled's a sample and much more modern looking.

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Inside Out Staging and Design
I agree with CT Designs. I think you might have the same feeling with anything you put there because of its sheer size. Break it up a little by adding different textures ( maybe wood), colors (artwork) accessories ( on a mantle).
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I agree...add a huge piece of artwork and a mantle would be my first suggestion. If you think it will still just be too much stone, then maybe after the wood stove is removed you could sheetrock the bottom section, over the stone, and add a mantle over your opened up fireplace, breaking it up a little. You could just use your wall color on the sheetrock, or something complimentary in color. Your other option would be to use wood on the bottom half, but it looks like you already have a LOT of wood going on already in that room. Don't know what other side looks like however.
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or you could do the opposite, add thin sheetrock to the top half???
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I agree with mpoulsom, a fab piece of artwork would be fab on that wall . I would paint the banisters and wooden unit to the left (tv unit?) a satin white soft sheen paint , there seems to be too many shades of wood in the one area. Paint the ceiling white and inset some downlighting . I personally love the stone as it reminds me of Liscannor stone from the west of Ireland ..
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I think the stone is to small for the scale of the fireplace, plus there's no substitution for real stone. If your going to go big, then go big, like this picture i've attached or scale the fireplace down in size by adding drywall and then decorate to you taste. I'd also consider painting out the corner unit, it too looks heavy and a bit dated. It's definitely not doing you any favours. Love that high vaulted ceiling.
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GOAStudio | Residential Architecture & Home Design
I seem to like the stone too and the texture...

And in a funny way the problem might just be the timber panelling next to the fire-place; I don't think they work well together. So, an idea would be to replace the timber panelling with something simpler of a single colour (something bold or just something that works as a background colour) and add some artwork (as it has been suggested) to the fireplace to break its scale.

Maybe this is not what you had in mind but I hope this idea opens up some possibilities.
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Removing the black woodstove will make a world of difference. The stacked stone creates a lot of rustic texture in the room and the neutral gray and sand colors will coordinate with a variety of furnishings. I would be inclined to see how you feel about the fireplace once you have your furnishings in. The corner built-in unit on the other hand would be more of a concern for me. The trim moldings are very unusual and oddly placed and the large TV niche will be difficult to utilize.
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Residential Design TN - Tracy Nichols
Yes, you can cover with another larger stone pattern, possibly leaving the existing surface (consult a mason). Looks like too many colors going on in the room. Think about refinishing floor to a darker stain, something closer to the hand rails and replace wood spindles with iron (rails can stay). Paint walls and angled ceiling same color, pickup a lighter color from the stone of choice. Consider tearing out the entire entertainment built-in, then two choices; 1) finish the new back wall, paint, and add a standalone entertainment piece, or 2) design & build a completely new painted built-in cabinetry to accommodate the latest entertainment systems. Good luck! Oh, one more thing - replace the gold ceiling fan/light combo!!
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