Coffee Table Advice for Perpendicular Sofas
jsbrookOctober 13, 2012
I just moved into a condo and am looking for advice on size and placement of a coffee table for two perpendicular sofas. The sofas will be in the den. One will probably be between 89 - 93 inches and on the back wall facing the tv. Where the current sofa in the picture is. It is being replaced. The other will be a matching sofa of about 79 inches on the window wall where the black chair is currently sitting.

I would do a quasi-custom cofee table and have a lot of dimension options for square and rectangle. I haven't seen a lot of options for round cofee tables and also want one that is open and shows the rug which tends to be eaiser with square and rectangle tables (unless you go glass). Any advice would be appreciated!
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Are you looking for something like this? The problem is your area rug is a bit too small, because any coffee table you get is going to be half on, half off the rug or if you center it on the rug it will be too far away. [houzz=
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Thanks for the reply. You mean the rug is not wide enough? The length of the rug extends past the viewable space in the picture. I'm not sure why any of the coffee table needs to be off the rug. The rug will be moved closer to the existing sofa. Really as close as I want it to be. There's no reason why in the context of the space of the room that it needs to be where it is sitting (It won't be center between the end of the sofa and the wall unit on the other side, but I don't think it needs to be to look right). The rug is just under 68 inches wide.
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I like the rug, but I could also do a new rug (along with cofee table) planned around the sofas if it is really a problem.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
I love your rug and would angle it in the room. Regarding your custom coffee table, I am assuming that your sofas will be in an L formation and not separated by space. To determine the proper size for a custom table or the ideal size for a non custom table, do the following:
1. Plan on allowing 18" between each sofa and the table.
2. Plan on having the table extend to 18" from the end of each sofa.
3. See drawing below where I used one 78" sofa and one 90" sofa to demonstrate this process.

If you are not placing your sofas in an L formation, then I would supply each one with a small round table of about 24" diameter, placing each table off center in the opposite direction from one another.
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Thanks, Carolyn! Yes, it will be spaced exactly like your drawing. And that is just about the depth of the sofas too. A great help!
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
You are very welcome. It's always fascinated me how much math there is in design. Fortunately for me, it's very simple math.
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Definitely. Thanks again.
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Carolyn, since you were so helpful with this point, what do you think about a maple cofee table? I think the contrast might be nice rather than going with cherry. In part of the room you can't see, there will be a bamboo pot with branches, so there will be nice light would elsewhere. The existing cherry side table could also be replaced with a matching maple.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
I think you have enough wood in the room, considering your flooring and the wall unit. Perhaps it's time to think about a glass top or marble top table with metal legs, or a zinc topped table.
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Thanks, Carolyn. You may be right about enough wood in the room. I do not think marble would look good in this room, but a glass top could maybe look nice with steel graphite finished legs. I was actually thinking about that but was looking to stick with wood beause I want this room to be cosy, comfortable rustic modern (the greatroom is more ultramodern with Mies barcelona chairs and knoll sofa, colorful artwork and in the kitchen area, stainless steel and cherry cabinets and granite).Glass top might still work in this room, though. Thanks again.
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Maybe this would work well?

A little smaller than your suggested dimensions (50 x 36) but it is nice glass and decent deisgn (though not my favor), has some cherry base, and could work well in the room.
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Spiral Cone Legs
I would go large, something that can be used by either sofa. And of course use our legs.
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