who makes the sink?
October 14, 2012
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Stratton Design Group
Dear Susan, I am in a particularily fiesty mood today and would like to raise a point at the risk of being ousted by the Houzzers out there - If I get voted off the island than so be it...

Today we are going to discuss "design courtesy".

For some reason I don't appreciate it when a question is asked in the manner that you asked it. I find it curt and sort of rude. I know that if I am asking someone of something, then a slight amount of courtesy would be in order. I am a professional designer giving free advise. It takes time to research what sink was used, what the paint color was, etc. - I can't possibly remember so many details for every job.

I like to do a little courtesy sandwich. It consists of an opening statement something like this, " Dear Stratton Design Group, Wow! what an inspiring design! So fresh and contemporary - it is exactly what I want in my dream bathroom and by the way you are not only a incredible and gifted designer, but quite dashing as well!... Yes, with this kind of sweet talking you have my attention and we got the fluff out of the way in the first sentence - Time for the second sentence - this is the "meat" of our courtesy sandwich (turkey, ham, meatball, etc). "Any chance you would share that really cool sink you have sourced for this bath, I am sure you looked at over a hundred sinks to find the perfect fit at the right bugeted price". I think to myself, how did she know? She is acknowledging my hard work (even if it was two hundred sinks). Now we move on to our last line..."Thank you, very much appreciated!" Yes! Gratitude still works...

Well how refreshing would that be? Of course I am exaggerating a bit here for my own entertainment, but it is time to put on our courtesy hats and at least fake it to get what you need.

Here is a link to the sink you asked for: http://www.decolav.com/product-includes/specsheet/1426.pdf
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Wow Great Place
Oh my gosh, that is hysterical! I hope Susan has a great sense of humor, because that was her first post ever! And Susan, despite how it may read, I hope you see it as a tongue in cheek reply, not an attack, it is more an expression of the frustration that occasionally crops up within the Houzz community. There are hundreds of questions out there that fall into the category described by Stratton, and once in awhile one of us goes rogue and cracks under the pressure LOL
PLEASE don't stop asking questions! And Douglas, I would vote to keep you around, at least until the next tribal council. ;0)
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Dearest Stratton Design Group,
I was not aware of how much massaging and stroking was needed to glean an answer. Clearly, your design is incredible and the result of much hardwork or I wouldn't be interested. In the future I will more appreciative of your feelings and your attention to detail. I'll put on my courtesy hat if you put on your big boy pants. That was my first post and sorry if it came across curt and sort of rude. I can be very cordial and complimentary and will be glad to ask future questions with a little more finesse. Thanks for your help. Feisty is good.
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Stratton Design Group
Susan, thank you for your response. I knew I would be sent to the Principal for this one... just so sassy I am - picking on someone new. The irony here is that my response is exactly what I am accusing of. I am sorry - I was much more harsh than intended and not even directed at you, but all the good houzzers to just say please and thank you.

I loved your big boy pants comment! Made me laugh and you have a deal. I think we need a group hug and just hug it out! Just days and days of hugs... This includes Ms. Great Place as well because I get to stay on the island (for the moment).

BTW - the finished height of the rim of the sink is very important to get spot on. Which can mean the counter has to be at a unusual height, which can mean the cabinets have to be special heights, etc. All depends on your height and what is comfortable for you. In this bath the counter is at 32" and the sink is 4" tall. The lady in this house is 5'6". The cabinets were semi custom and then the toe kick is a bit higher than norm at 6" with metal furniture feet.

Best of luck with your project, better yet hire me and you can have a whole lot more zings coming your way...(and hopefully some great design as well).
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Curt D'Onofrio
sewsusan1 : At the outset your terse comment "Who makes the sink ?" is valid one. What a tongue lashing you got !. Stratton was just plain wrong! But he admitted at the outset that maybe he was having a bad day....read all the above...glad that Stratton apolized in his own way, vey suddle, but, nevertheless, he apolized
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