Bathroom Tile Choice - New Construction
Tziona Rand
October 18, 2012
I would appreciate any advice on tile placement in my daughters' bathroom. I'm planning on doing the bathroom with white tile as the primary color.

In the attached photo, you can see the room in its current phase of construction. (I'm in Israel so the construction is with concrete). From right to left - niche for vanity/sink, toilet under window, bathtub.

I love how this looks but I'm not sure if it will work with the niche and if I should turquoise somewhere else to provide balance.
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S. Thomas Kutch
Tziona....I'm curious as to what the blue hose coming out of the wall is....? Please tell me your walls will be getting a parge coat to provide you a level surface for your tile installation.

I like the idea of white tiles. I had a friend from Israel who did a similar bathroom using white tile and placed a continuous band of hand made tile with a scripture in Hebrew on them as an accent. There were 2 letters per tile in this band and the artistic flow of the letters turned out to be a winner.
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Tziona Rand
A pvc pipe for cold water is inside that blue hose. Blue for cold, red for hot. The pvc pipes are threaded through the casing so they can be strung in and out in case a leaky pipe needs replacement. Eliminates the need to rip up the floor. That will be the connection for the bathtub faucet.

Yes, the walls have had 2 coatings since this photo was taken on Sunday :-).
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S. Thomas Kutch
Thank you. I love that idea and had never really considered it. Even old dogs can learn new tricks.
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The link you provide, has several photos and I'm not sure which one you like?
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Tziona Rand
Oops, sorry! Here it is:

Looking forward to your suggestions.
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This is a beautiful accent tile. I'd leave this turquoise as the focal point and not continue the color elsewhere in bathroom. Does the color harmonize with the rest of house? What are your ideas for window covering? Tub curtain or enclosure? Towels? Rug? This beautiful turquoise + white seems to call for white towels & other accessories. How R U feeling about white towels and your kid? I have white tile in some bathrooms and find it shows every little speck & I am cleaning constantly. When I've planned kids bathrooms in past I began backwards. First I chose the color of the towels I thought would hold up to a kid's usage...then, I chose the tile. Her bathroom should also coordinate with the bedroom, if they adjoin. If she loves turquoise: how about turquoise towels, beige / turquoise floor tile & continue that same tile up wall.
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Tziona Rand
Thanks for your comment. So you think I should just lay the turquoise tile in the niche behind the sink as done in the photo? Or, should I do the whole niche? Tile is up to the ceiling in the whole bathroom.

Floor will be beige or brown. The windows have a blue/black aluminum frame and milky glass so no window color. I'm not so concerned about matching towels at the moment but the shower curtain will have to match.

Most important to me is a bathroom design that will "grow up" with the kids and not go out of style.
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I do not think there is a niche in the above photo. Yours will be nicer b/c you do have a niche. I think the turquoise tile in the back of niche only. What do you think? What will be on sides and narrow front of niche? White tile? Something else?

Turquoise in back with rest white would look something like this
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Tziona Rand
That picture did help me visualize the niche with turquoise in the back and white on the sides.

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Tziona Rand
For those of you who were kind enough to give suggestions - here are photos of the tiling (in process) of my two kids bathrooms.
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Tziona Rand
Finished product...
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