SheilaOctober 20, 2012
we have a fireplace mantel that is built as part of the wall, it has wall texture on the mantel and no character need ideas.
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How about adding a thick piece of reclaimed wood atop the mantle you have now...and just leave it in the natural wood color or stain it. It may add some definition and contrast in the whole space. Also a bigger piece of artwork in your arched area and move the candles to the outside of it perhaps.
Another idea would be to just paint the lower half a darker color than your walls.
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Aggie Purvinska
you could do laminated textured stone all the way up and on the left side..
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Judy M
I wonder if the niche could be made larger to accomodate your TV, then you won't be fighting the dual focal point. Then you could follow with one of the suggestions of painting or stonework for the rest.
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I like the idea of covering the fp with stone and the mantle with wood. Instead of a beam on top of the mantle, you could make a 'box' of sorts with no back to fit over the existing mantle. I wouldn't suggest putting the tv over the fp as it would be too high. Learned that the hard way.
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I like the nitch, but a different paint color for the whole fireplace wall could tie it together more--I would paint all the way to the wall by the French doors. I would either go darker, brighter or white to tie in with the marble base. Depending on the color you pick, the mantal and nitche could be slightly contrasting colors, Neatness counts if you do.

And I would patinate the shiny brass or put a screen in front, and some plants around it, plus some chunkier accessories, esp. for the candles.

The whole space could use some color. Do you normally have drapes? I see the rod and rings. Some soft sheers could look nice.

I'm sure a lot of people will suggest refacing the fireplace, -- you could just do the lower part to save some bucks, and use tile rather than stone for a less rustic look.

You don't really have a strong style direction, so maybe if you post pictures of stuff you really like, it would help us figure out which direction to go.
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if the TV is big enough you could mount it in the niche and would possibly cover the whole think. I would put some veneer stone or tile on bottom half of mantel and at least paint the mantel a dark brown or if possible cover with wood. top half would paint a darker color that rest of room
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I would stone it as AggieDesigns suggests. The brass needs to go as well! Have a similar situation myself and I have been thinking about doing this exact same thing! Good luck to you!!!
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We just bought this house, the picture is with the past owners stuff....I plan on changing the fireplace and I'm really looking for ideas, love the idea of making a wood mantel and painting the "shrine opening" or getting rid of it...tiling is also a good idea. I'll look for photo's of things I like. Thanks everyone for the input.
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I have that same gas fireplace and just ordered the grills (top and bottom) in black for an updated look. Cost was around $250 with shipping
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If interested look up
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I discovered, after spending a lot of money to replace the brass parts, that the brass is only a covering. It comes off to leave you with solid black grills underneath. I didnt need to buy anything! There is a small "hood" at the top that can be spray painted black.
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Christopher James Interiors
Remove the existing shelf and add a traditional fireplace mantel. Change out the brass and black doors to a more updated one. Check out Then add a paint or wallcovering on just the fireplace wall. Recently did this for a client and it changed everything. Good luck!
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Buechel Stone Corp
Here's a couple of sites we have that help people get ideas on fireplace.
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Thanks, I'll check it out.
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