How do I get the "WOW" factor for my front entrance

mimigoossenOctober 25, 2012
I am looking for help in "updating" my front porch. The front landscape has been removed and I need some ideas on what to plant. This is the north side of the house. I also want to repaint my front door. What color would look best with the red brick? Are storm doors outdated? Should I keep it, paint it or remove it? The last bit of advice I need is how to best decorate the porch.
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It doesn't matter if storm doors are outdated or not; if you live in a climate where they're necessary, that function trumps form. You have a beautiful home! I love brick exteriors, and brick is so insulating.

I think a park type bench would be awesome to the right of the door: [houzz=
Palm Beach Residence · More Info

I wouldn't paint your door red, you already have enough red going on with the brick and the patio tiles. I would go for teal [houzz=
Front Elevation Surfers End · More Info
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Thanks for the comments. My neighbor has a bench and it does look nice.
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What you see is the storm door, not the door, and it looks dark--almost black. I don't think painting the door would change that. I think the door is simple and looks OK the way it is.

Like the brick pavers. The rocking chair is dark and is getting lost in a dark space. Painting it and yes, pairing it with more seating could look very nice and inviting. Stabilizing the slope with some boulders or perhaps some ledgerstone could be nice, and creeping flox (not sure of name--a type of hardy flowering sedum that drapes nicely over edges) and low bushes mixed with some flowers, such as black-eye susan and daylillies, to contrast with the brick. Removing some of the big bushes next to the window and adding something taller, and rounding the edges of the bed to join the areas could look nice, along with some potted flowers and plants to make the space less boxy.
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Nancy Hehmann
If you truly want to change the colors on your house, I would drive through other neighborhoods to see other color combos in play on houses already! That is what I did when changing colors. I did you gray trim on siding but left white around my door and windows. If you are going to use a black rocker, I would use a black square planter. The clay color fades into the background.
Another option would be to have a built in long planter at the front of your front porch area.

You might consider posting a pic of the whole house. Sometimes that helps people be able to give you better decorating ideas.
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I have attached a photo of the whole house. I couldn't get the second garage door in the shot. I hope this helps.
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Have you considered putting in a black wrought iron railing around the front patio area? I would then just plant some indian hawthorn in front of the railing and then plant some contrasting perennials in front of lavender next and then some other flowering perennial that is lower in front of that. I like Bobbi's idea of the bench and also the black planter instead of terra cotta!
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I don't mind your red door at all btw...but if you don't need the storm door, I would get rid of it, because you can't see the pretty door at all.
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Quinlan Residence · More Info

Put a chunky white column under the front left corner of the roof. It looks as if the roof is just hanging out there. It will also give the porch more definition. As mentioned above you need a railing starting at the left of your front door, out to the new column and across the front. mpoulsom likes black I like white, but we both think you need a railing.

If you are keeping the storm, paint your door white. If you pick another color paint the storm the new color.

Tint the ceiling a light blue add the bench and some outdoor pillows on the bench.
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Consider changing the path to come in from the lawn-start the path farther down the driveway and curve to the current brick entry. Trim out the path with the same style brick for continuity. A big pot of annuals could go where the driveway and brick currently meet or plant a dwarf tree to decorate for the holidays. The photo is from Fine Gardening, it is a over the top for your path but I thought it would give you a idea of the possibilities.
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WOW - these suggestions are great! Let them keep pouring in.
Smbeckerman - I don't have the funds for a new pathway. I want to get it ready for sale in 2014.
JudyG - what will the light blue ceiling do for the space?
The front porch goes 2' beyond the roof line so a pole would be offset. Do you think that would look OK?
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I will answer for judyg, she's old and probably napping. Blue ceilings keep bugs at a minimum, and if you believe in folklore, keep away evil spirits. The attached ideabook will explain it all:
Ideabook: Renovation Detail: The Blue Porch Ceiling · See Ideabook
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Well, Miss Bobbi P, I was not napping. I had a very interesting afternoon. See you on Olld25.

mimigoosen, look at your house the way that I am seeing it. If there were a support column at that corner do you think it would define the area? Right now the roof looks awkward to me. I'll look for a pix as I am not explaining it well.

The light blue would brighten up the space. You've got that nice ceiling and I would like to see it stand out a bit. Didn't know about the bugs, but if Bobbi says…it is true. As for the evil spirits, hmmmmm she is known to pull a few legs.
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I really appreciate everyone's comments. I am going to get started and will incorporate many of your suggestions into my final design. Thanks and I promise to post a before and after. :)
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judyg - in one of my photos you can see the "wet line" on the brick pavers. This area is exposed to the elements because it is not covered by the roof. The white column would be set back from the corner of the porch. thus my dilema.
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I see it in one of the photos. The brick pavers are not under the entire roof.
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new entry patio
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Roc+Solid Land Design
Get rid of the red brick. It totally clashes with the beautiful brick of your home. Also, the step down from the front door seems to be too high. You can then increase the size of the patio to make it more useable (everyone should have a least a bench at their front door). I would install a quality, painted or composite deck that steps down then turns to meet the driveway. That would eliminate the awkward drop down that is there now.
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