Need to put spices on wall behind stove
November 3, 2012 in Design Dilemma
New kitchen and would like to hang my spices on wall over stove
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What is the wall made of? Tile? Granite? Wallboard?
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Hi oleredhead

I do like the look of having spices (and oils etc) behind the range but it's the worst place to store them because of the heat and humidity. An adjacent spice drawer or cabinet would enable the spices to last a lot longer, in addition to them being a little safer and easier to reach.

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Steve - good point!
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Steve is right on the money, the spices will suffer if they are stored there. And consider how grimy those jars will get from cooking spatters and grease. Not something I would want to have to clean.

There are a lot of storage options. The Container Store has an Elfa rack that attaches to a pantry door, or you can use an over the door organizer with pockets for a less expensive version. There are rotating racks for the counter, or special dividers for a drawer. We keep our spices in glass jars that have labels on the top of the lid. The jars are stored in heavy duty cardboard box in our pantry where they are protected from light, heat, and humidity. When I need spices I just pull out the box and grab the one I am looking for. Very low cost solution, and I have yet to find one that will work better for our space. Penzey's sells spices in heavy plastic zip top bags. If space is at a premium, you could even "file" bags of spices in a nice looking lidded storage container or tin.
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Take a look at a tiered plastic insert for a kitchen drawer. I found mine at Lowes. The spices stay neat, organized and accessible.
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HI --- Never ever have spices displayed above stove or out on the counter . They will lose their color and taste and can even go rancid. Best stored in a cabinet drawer or pantry within reach of the cooking area. I have never been a fan of things hanging over the back of the stove -- things just get dirty and it looks cluttered. Also only have small amounts of spices and replace often for best results. Spices don't really live that long - no more than 2 years for some . I always date what I buy.
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