2 rooms opened on each. 2 Chandeliers or 1 ??

nourhan2013November 13, 2012
We have the dinning room open on the Living room , as you can see in pic. I have been debating with my fiancee ,should we use 2 chandeliers or use only 1 in the dinning and recessed light in the living room ?

Our designer told us ,that the chandelier is a show piece ,so 1 is enough.
But if we are going to use 2 , should they be similar ? What would you do ?
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I would do a chandelier in the dining room and pot lights on a dimmer switch in the living room. I have 14 pot lights, no dimmer switch and you have no idea how important that one little item is.
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Aggie Purvinska
You could definitely do two if that's what you want. Your design is modern and one chandelier is probably enough (your space is not that big), and you could do another lamp in the living room, instead. But here are some images on houzz of an open plan that has two overhead hanging fixtures, a couple that look good, but they are much larger spaces. I tend to agree with your designer.

Cortona Living · More Info

Living Room · More Info
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Looks like you have an 'average' sized dining room, so I agree with one chandelier and some accent lighting.
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I think your rooms are quite striking; you have done a lovely job. I vote for two chandeliers and I also suggest a light tint in the trays. It is kind of a unique space, you should call attention to it just a little bit more.
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Hi, Nourhan! We love this room, and we think it'd be neat to coordinate contemporary chandeliers (http://www.atgstores.com/contemporary-modern-chandeliers_89_s3.html?linkloc=catheader&gpid=851776) without having them match exactly, perhaps even from the same manufacturer. We've provided two examples below: the first two are by Hinkley Lighting and the second two are by George Kovacs. We hope this gives you some ideas! Good luck!
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The Interior Touch
I agree , go with the two chandliers - from the same manufacturer that compliment one another.
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I would respect my designers professional opinion. They seem to personally prefer only 1 chandler but have made a recommendation for the best route to go if you want 2. Do a little shopping and see what you can come up with. They will guide you in making a good decision. Also, your fiance is half the equation. They prefer only 1 chandler. To be fair, since you two disagree, it seems to me it is time to flip a coin.
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