How to make high ceiling lighting work?

deb joNovember 13, 2012
1800's house being renovated in a contemporary style, and while the lighting for the living room and bedrooms are spot lights with dimmer switches, and a pedant light/chandelier for the dining room, we dont know what to choose for the high ceiling in the kitchen.

Work is still in progress but we have no idea what to do, as the ceiling is too high for pedant lights over the counter(which will be salvaged) the new cabinets and flooring will be kept around the same colour scheme but sleek and modern.
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Barn Light Electric Company
What a fun project! Do you have any other design elements you are going for so we can offer some specific lighting options?

How high is your ceiling? We provide a lot of custom lighting options, and might even be able to help you with mounting for your ultra high ceiling. Wall sconces that project a lot of light are great options for this space. It seems that the kitchen area is really open, so you could play with heftier fixtures.

If you have a couple more specifics, I'd love to recommend specific items to you. Best of luck on your remodel.
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By Design EK
Big Chandeliers, especially as you have a balcony to the second floor. Most people don't get to use them in their house because they don't have enough height! Go for an industrial style to blend the historic with the modern, or just go all out modern for contrast and fun. Also don't forget plenty of task lighting in the kitchen. Use undercabinet, even above cabinet for task light and ambiance, and you could add some wall sconces or even a lamp to give it a more intimate feel in the kitchen.
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Are those suspended beams staying? If they are around 10 feet high think about wiring inside them and hanging edgy track lighting or hanging 2 small chandeliers. We moved into a contemporary home with suspended beams dividing a 2 story room. We just ordered 2 contemporary chandeliers to replace track lighting.and I can't wait to see the impact this is going to have.
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Hi, Debora! We think North Bay Homes is on the right track with a chandelier, and that no ceiling is ever too high for one, but since the piece will be hanging over the kitchen we thought something with a little more length like an island light (,203503|13358~Valu) with longer downrods/cords would add some practicality to your lighting situation, although NBH is right about the task lighting. The images (and link) are for lights with between 10 and 15 feet of cord. We hope this gives you some ideas, and good luck!
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Don't go with something too trendy or you will need to replace it in 10 years or less. I like the candles but think the style is faddish. I put in the iron scroll look and now regret it. I wish I had stuck with a more traditional, but modern chandelier.
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If you need can installations, we've been extremely happy with the new plug-in LED cans and are hoping it was a one-time, one-scaffold job.
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Walsh Krowka & Associates, Inc
We have used wall mounted sconces that direct light up to the ceiling. They bounce light off the ceiling to the space below which gives a luminous indirect light. The light is uniform and fills the space with no shadows. On a dimmer you can set many different moods. The light won't give you flickering shadows if you have a ceiling fan as opposed to ceiling mounted fixtures shining down through the blades.
You can find lots of contemporary style fixtures....I like simple ones like quarter spheres. Check out Justice Lighting.
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deb jo
Thank you everyone for the input, so to sum it up: Not too trendy/big chandelier/track lights on the beam and scones on the walls. I am so thankful to all of you, now I have an idea from where to start, hope to post updated photos soon with the help from the renovation team :)
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Before you destroy this house utterly, get help from an architect.
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Nevadan is right. The beam going across may be removable for example. Seems like it is. An architect has excellent design ideas. I had a guest house designed and the total price was $5K.
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We actually make custom glass pendant lights and can do custom wire lengths to your specifications to accommodate those high ceilings. This can be done with any of our pendants, and we can make coordinating chandeliers with similar lengths as well.
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