Need Master Bath layout help

pattismcgeeNovember 13, 2012
We are in the process of deciding on a master bath layout for our redo.
It is 15'3" x 8'10" with 5 windows and cathedral ceililng. The fifth window is a small window at the top of the peak. I have attached some possible plans. #1-3 would allow us to leave all water supply lines relatively in place. Currently there are two separate vanities. They are currently the same size but look odd because the vanity extends over to 1/3 of the way under the casement window next to the shower. The asymmetry bothers me so if we put another vanity in its place, it would need to be 36 in or smaller. But having two different sized vanities also is bothersome.

One of my thoughts is to use a 60 or 61 inch vanity with double sinks btw the two windows then place a cabinet without a sink which would house makeup, hair supplies in the spot where the other vanity is currently. Perhaps 18 in deep and a 15 or 12 inch ledge extending from the cabinet to the shower and place a stool under. I don't know if that would be too much cabinetry for the room, too crowded appearing with double sinks, too asymmetrical.

I also want to incorporate a towel warmer in the design. The smallest I can find is 16 in wide so if the shower is kept to the right on entry that would limit the shower size to about 48 x 41 to allow 20 in wall space for the warmer.

A designer suggested plan #3 but that involves moving the toilet as well as the shower being seen from the master bedroom. While I like the symmetry, we are not sure the expense as well as boxing off the bath with a toilet closet (would use glass wall but the dimensions are tight and the toilet would be in front of the window) are something we want to do. Viewing a pretty shower is nice but invariably it will be messier than a vanity with mirror as the first piece seen on entry to the bath.

I would love your input in any way.

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I apologize, it appears my attachments didn't load. I will work on getting them loaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Just a tip, if you keep the post to less than 10 lines you will get more responses.
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Gee, dytecture, is that all you have to say? You usually have such thoughtful, appropriate comments to make...
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@madelinesdreaming, thanks for noticing, but this is a trend I am seeing with posts getting more lengthy.

I might be the first person to speak of this but just a heads up for people posting questions as designers here don't get paid to answer questions, so the shorter and more to the point posts are, the more professionals will be interested in replying to their situations.
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I am very sorry for the lengthy post. I have included pics of the bath as is and will try to load the proposed designs tomorrow.
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View of shower and rough drawing to show basic room dimensions
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