do you install cabinets or flooring first?
meredithlwardNovember 17, 2012
my brother in law is a commercial contractor. He said install the flooring in the kitchen and bath before the vanities and cabinets. However, the contractor that is doing some work on our house thinks we should do the cabinets then the flooring. What is best? Thanks.
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If you install the cabinets before the flooring you will need less flooring material and it seems like a great way to save money, to me! Plus it seems like there's less of a chance of a cabinet scratching or scraping a new floor if they're installed first.
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I'd install the cabs first in the kitchen but the floor first in the bath.
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Well, the real question is whether you want the flooring to run under the cabinets or not. In older houses the hardwood floors usually run under the cabinets, thus allowing for future renovations to take place without necessarily changing (just refinishing) the floor. In newer constructions people often save money by only installing the flooring around the cabinets. I like the old fashioned method better, but it does cost more. In a bathroom there is the added question of whether the cabinets will be furniture style (with feet) or cabinet style going all the way to the floor. We are planning a bathroom renovation with a furniture style vanity, so in that case, I believe, the floor needs to go in first.
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Shawn Lagemann
As a rule, I always install the flooring first and then the cabinets. For one reason as Feeny states for the case of future renovation, the other reason is the change in cabinet height vs the finished floor. In kitchens this can change the dishwasher height from the countertop height and the slide in range (if used) Dishwashers do have adjustable legs, but this can be an issue when someone installs another flooring over the top of a floor that was not installed under the cabinets.
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