I need help in decorating ideas for my new bedroom.
November 17, 2012
Hi Houzzers:-) I need help in decorating ideas for this bedroom. It's a spacious bedroom; bed is a Japanese style and there is a walk in wardrobe. I would like to add some colors to this place and make it feel more cozy. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks! Ula
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Nice layout, although I think there's too much white in the room.

Starting with the wall where you bed is against, you can consider adding a nice and big abstract art (or any style you like). Alternatively, cover it with warm beige and textured wall paper. Here's an example

Or maybe both!

Next is your bedding textiles. You can be a bit more daring with your cushion cover, perhaps choose something patterned, and add a bed spread. Think of your white sheets as your blank canvas and express your creativity with the toppings :) I have seen salmon pink working really well with your existing colour scheme.

Did I see a dark rug on the floor? Maybe change that into something if a lighter colour, perhaps cream, so that it'll really stand out against your dark floor..

I think your lampshade is a bit too small as your room is big. You should at least go twice that diameter, or choose something with interesting details.

Lastly, maybe add some potted plants in your room, they always inject life to a space. If you're worried about plants "competing" for oxygen at night, you can consider artificial plants.

Happy decorating!
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Here's another great example of a zen/modern bedroom. Your room looks quite spartan and needs some color and warmth. Start by selecting a wall color and add some textural interest like the basket night stands in the photo. I also suggest locating you dresser to another wall. The large bed platform does not allow it to be centered between the windows and its current placement looks unbalanced.
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Kim D
This is a great room. I think there are too many sharp contrast; the stark white, the dark stain and then the honey color doors, also the purple rug and blue pillows. I think if the honey color doors could be painted in like a steel blue color that could be your new accent color that you could incorporate into the rug and pillows and bed covering. The floor and furniture is so dark I think it needs lighter bedding and accessories.
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I like the room with the textured wallpaper ikamay suggested. here's another nice example.

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I'm not a professional but I agree on a lighter rug. see in this room how the rug contrasts with the dark bed and floor. I'm ok with the honey doors. they add warmth and are reminiscent of a bamboo feel.

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oh geez! need to pay attention to dates! sorry!
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