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lk_designsNovember 17, 2012
Is 13 feet x 14 feet considered a small bedroom? That is the size of my main bedroom. I am about to redecorate it from drab coloured walls, cracking plaster, large pieces of material for curtains and 1950's style built in wardrobes which aren't very nice.
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Emily Hurley
Great question. Maybe it has to do in part with how large the house is overall? The main bedroom should be large enough to be in proportion to the overall size of the house. In very large houses, you see very large master bedrooms most of the time. How big is the house?
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13 feet by 14 feet approximately 4metres x 4.5m - I think. (We are very metric in Australia). When you walk in, the entrance is about 4m x 4m and the room to the left is 4.5m x 4.5m. The main bedroom is on the right as you walk in but you have to access it by a small passage way. The room directly in front of the entrance hall is 5m x 5m. The 2 other bedrooms are slightly smaller than the main bedroom. I do agree in that it is all relevent, but in looking for ideas here on houzz, all the bedrooms do seem very much larger.
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My master bedroom is approximately the same size as your room. I have room for a queen-sized bed, 2 small night stands, 1 chair and 1 bureau. What else does one need in a room for sleeping? I admit to wishing I had an extra foot or two, but seriously, I saw a bedroom on houzz that had 5(!) chairs in it. Perhaps I am dense or very naive, but exactly what is taking place in that room that needs so many chairs? (fyi, my total house is only 950 sq. ft).
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defever, I agree with you. I've been looking at the bedrooms on houzz for ideas and some of them are very large with extra chairs, lounges, small table etc. I think they call that a parents retreat. They have their own bathroom too. All they need is a small kitchen and there a self-contained appartment! In my house my ensuite is shared ensuite. The bathroom door is just outside my bedroom door and then about 3 metres away is another bedroom. Unfortunately we only have one toilet and we really need two.
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ik - I think your bedroom size is pretty average for Australian homes, especially older ones. It is very hard to decorate and get things in perspective when you see some of the monsters on this site. I assume you are looking here for ideas? What are you hoping to achieve?
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