Guest bedroom
November 18, 2012
We have two guest bedrooms. One already has a queen bed. I am thinking of getting twin beds for the second room, so there would be more flexibility. Most of our guests will be adults. But also was wondering about a daybed with a trundle. But I don't know how comfortable a trundle would be for an older adult. There isn't room for two queen beds. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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Here's an intriguing and space saving idea for a guest room with twin beds.
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Good idea! I was just looking at Amazon, and they have "bridges" you can put between the twin beds to keep them together. Then you have the option on separating them if you wish. Thank you!
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Why are you not considering a king size bed? Do you have a lot of single, unrelated visitors?
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Separate beds would allow more flexibility with different guests.

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Nancy Hehmann
I have had a day bed for years. You just put the same regular twin mattress on the pop up (trundle) as on the daybed. B/C it is a regular mattress, it will be as comfortable as the mattress you purchase. I love mine. I ordered it at a furniture store from a catalogue, It is wooden and was actually for my teenage son (at the time) so he would have space for other things in his room. He is now 36 and liked it so well he totally created it for his 4 yr old son - he likes to create furniture and is great at it.
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Hi Definitely in favor of the daybed with trundle. :) CheerS!
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My best friend purchased a trundle bed especially for the guest room his parents used when they came a calling. It was well made, each twin could be separated or kept together, and I finally had a chance to use it when I moved out of LA and went back as his guest. It was a very good night's sleep. Perhaps it comes down to the quality of the mattress...

Also totally separate beds are good for couples, for single friends, for the children of friends, etc. Since you've got the queen guest bedroom outfitted I think twins or the equivalent in a day bed is the way to go. Just MHO. Take care, madeline
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Thanks everyone for your comments. I think separate beds is the way to go, as Madeline pointed out, this is for a vacation home, and we will have a variety of guests. I still have to decide between twins or one bed with a trundle. I am thinking twins might be easier for changing linens.
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We built a cottage last year and put a queen in our "couples" guest room, but put two full beds in each of our 3 kids' rooms. I built the rooms knowing I wanted to do this and made sure I had just enough room for two fulls and at least 20-24" of room between each of the beds as all that would be needed was a nighstand. There are closets in the rooms, which is where I have "hanging" shelves for clothes.
It is a cottage and we knew that we wanted to fit as many people as possible in (have a huge extended family). We also knew that fulls were more comfortable for adults and older/larger [teenage] kids to sleep in by themselves, and little ones can fit two in a bed.
If you can cram two fulls (54" wide) in with room in between for a nightstand (which means enough room to walk), I would definitely go that route :)
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