Rug and Curtains for a Blue and White Bedroom?
November 18, 2012
Hi, I love a blue and white bedroom. Not a huge fan of how blue the walls are but I'm too lazy to repaint them. That said, I think adding curtains and a rug could help tone down the walls and make the room more cozy. The blinds have to stay (rental apt). Ordered some navy blue drum shades for the lamps... not sure if I'll keep them but I want to see how it looks.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a fabric/curtain and a rug that would go well in this space? (i've included some pics of the accessories I plan on placing more carefully in the room - plates are likely to go up on the wall above the dresser and the vases will go on a white bookshelf across from the bed.
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Aggie Purvinska
What a lovely bedroom, and yes to navy and indigo! I think rug should be simple white berber, I think curtains solid blue..and yes to the navy drum shades!

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Thank you! Great suggestions. I wish there was room for a chair like that one!!!
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Great suggestions from Aggie. I love the plates, and agree that a blue drum shade would look great. A rug with a tone on tone pattern would look nice, and I love the velvet curtains! Good luck. I nave attached some rooms for inspiration.
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Great inspiration photos. Thank you. I have a lot of pictures that I would like to put up also, but can't figure out what color frame would work. Silver? Gold/Brass? I don't like black in here, and white feels too light but I could be wrong about those... also not a huge fan of wood since it's kind of crisp in here.
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Aggie Purvinska
Satin brass would be lovely...for frames...
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Do you think the rug needs to be big enough to cover the floor on both sides of the bed or can I just put one on the side of the bed that you see in the photo (in front of bureau and dresser and what you walk on when you enter the room)?

Also, any good suggestions for sources? (Overstock is fine, but wondering if I'm missing somewhere that has inexpensive ivory rugs that I can compare). Thanks!
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Aja Mazin
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Nancy Hehmann
For area rugs, look at and They usually have good prices and a wide variety to select from. is also a good place to look for reasonable drapes.
For art, if you have photography on canvas you dont need a frame. Look on there is a lot on there. Just use their search engine and input what you are interested in such as photography coastal. High def photography is very uplifting and I have a photography shop on there. is a collection of "shops" from artisans and craftsman from all over the world.
You can also look at decorator pillows on there as well. area rug

I posted links to some drapes on and also photography of St Maarten that is blue and white. Might be very uplifting to wake up with St Maarten in your view everyday! The link to Target is for an area rug.

Have fun!
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Aggie Purvinska
Also a local carpet shop, you can get a remnant cut to size and an edge bound. This way you could get a really good quality one...

Put it under a bed, and get a larger one... about 25" smaller than the extents of the room, more or less.
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