Building permit
November 19, 2012
Do we have to ask the general contractor to get a building permit for just finishing a basement ? he said we did not need a building permit if you're not adding any additions into your basement but we are wondering if he's trying to cut corners.
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Aggie Purvinska
You are responsible to pay the building permit fee, so I don't think hes cutting corners in the classic builder cutting corners (getting cheaper materials for the same price etc.) sense. Normally you do not need permits for cosmetic renovation.
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HI -- Be for aware of any contractor that says that . Talk to a few more contractors because a permit wil protect you and it helps to make sure the job gets done properly. Check with your city building permit office and see what permits you will need and get the permits yourself. You may need seperate permits for the structure , the plumbing and the electrical etc.Please be careful of the contractors - go with someone that has a good reputation - so you will have to shop around a bit ,and do your homework .
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Ditto what lefty47 says.
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Charn Karnchanaphati
I would suggest that the contractor to pull the permit. That will reassure that everything is up to county building codes. Good luck. C.K.
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
Depending upon the scope of the work, a permit might not be needed, however I think that is actually rare. I can't think of a single case where we did a basement that didn't need a permit.
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In my area, you are supposed to get a permit for most building work. Granted, a great majority of home owners don't get permits for interior work (including the basement work I did on my own house), but technically, it is required.

Finishing off a basement here would require a building permit and also an electrical permit. If you are doing a bathroom or laundry room, you would need a plumbing permit for that as well. Anything that involves the removal, alteration, or addition of framing, insulation or drywall requires a permit. The only work permitted without an electrical permit is changing out light fixtures and light switches--you're supposed to buy a $65 electrical permit to change out a 25 cent outlet. We are allowed to install cabinetry, shelving and flooring without a permit
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