Need Crema Marfil porcelain or real stone recommendation
November 22, 2012
hi all! Can anyone recommend a fabulous porcelain tile that looks like crema marfil and comes in various sizes?

I thought a porcelain might be a good option, however, if anyone has an opinion of whether i should just used real stone, i'd love feedback.
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Check out Daltile.
Porcelain will be a) less expensive and b) easier to maintain and c) safer if using on the floors
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Studio 3 kitchens
hi Mileysmuse, in my experience natural stone stumps reproduction everyday as porcelain although extremely practical will have a limited print, so after 4-5 tiles the image pattern repeats. Natural Crema Marfil polished is usually available in sizes 400x400x20 400x600x20 or 600x600x20 bespoke sizes carry a hefty price its also available in slab sizes 2500x1400x20 for tiles you should be looking at around £45/m2 look out for pinkish and heavily veined as these are inferior quality. if you have any other questions please ask.
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Moda Marble Co
We import Crema Marfil marble directly from Spain. Price is $4.99/sqft! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!
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Thank you all for your input thus far. I'm leaning towards the real Crema but need further advise.

First, Tradeline:
Is your 18'' crema 1/2'' thick? If so, do you sell 3/8'' thick 12x12 and 12x24? I'd love to do an 18'' but am placing it on the floor around a 3/8'' thick mosaic mat. Also, if I'm on the east coast, would shipping costs make purchasing from you to costly?

The main concern I have regarding buying real crema is my ability to weigh cost for visual consistency. Porcelain tiles make consistency a no-brainer, but, I worry that if it is placed next to real crema marfil mosaics, it will shout fake. Please opine if you can.

Also, does a Select or Premium grade really guarantee you a better stone? Near me, MSI (who also sells to home depot), sells higher grades at tile stores, but when viewing their samples, I couldn't see a tremendous difference that warrants a higher price for the upgrade...all qualities of their samples had lots of veining and surprisingly, the higher quality still had a lot of blatantly obvious fill! Unless I can get to look in a few boxes at a distributor to see the range (which would require a lot of leg work), most stores will only send one tile from a current lot. So, bottom line, how would you proceed?

I'm worried that although getting a sample tile is a start, it may be deceiving because, in one instance where I took a second step and viewed a box of their "premium", within it there were 3 out of 10 tiles that were completely undesirable....lots of fill that you wouldn't expect in a higher grade that costs more. So, do you buy more boxes of a cheaper crema to hand select the good tile and discard the bad, or, do you rely on the grade classification to minimize waste?

One distributor told me that I shouldn't pay a premium for crema coming from a branded name, because, bottom line, every lot is different from every lot. There is a distributor near me that sells excellent and consistent quality of limestone tile reasonably, Stone Partnership, but unfortunately, I don't have a go-to for Crema. Is their a US source of Crema Marfil that actually does quality control where you can count on their grade classification?

Also, do any of you know how to differentiate crema marfil coming from China vs. Spain?

Thank you for continuing to provide guidance. I look forward to your feedback!
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Moda Marble Co
Hi Mileysmuse.
We only import 18x18's as this is the most popular size. The thickness is 1/2. We do ship east coast. Shipping cost vary depeding on the quantity/weight.
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if you are worried about natural stone and the variations, then it really is best to go to porcelain tile. I know this sounds obvious, but natural is just that - the variations you get are the premium that reproduction tile cannot compete with.
careful of your tile/thickness and consult with the installer before making any purchase. if you live in an older home you may even want to give weight consideration, 1/2" is thick -- dont even want to consider what freight on that would be, especially if you do not like it and have to return.
check out and call to see if they have a dealer in your area .. I have never been disappointed with their quality. sight unseen it is really hard to give you advice on what is acceptable and what cost. "fill" is not uncommon, in fact, always make sure you are comparing one raw tile to another -- if it hasnt been filled then keep in mind all the holes will be filled with grout which is more susceptible to getting dirty, etc.
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