Need help with color schematics in this newly constructed 500 sft bedroom!
November 22, 2012
Hi everyone,
This bedroom consists of matt gray floor tiles, three white walls, and one glass wall that has wooden swinging shades for privacy.

However the furniture so far consists of a white leather bed. And a 3 seater brown leather sofa. I'm having trouble putting this together and was wondering what I could do to give it a trendy contemporary look. Painting? Rugs - what color?

There are two pendant bedside table lamps that are black so now I feel we are limited with choice. Any input is well appreciated, thanks.
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What a great space. Except, why did they put the air conditioner over your bed? That seems to be the wrong place for it.

I would search of a great painting, I can see more greys with reds and other warm colors or greys with blues and greens. Westchester Designer Showhouse, Tribeca Penthouse and Master Bedroom, Village Townhouse, New York City are interesting examples.

I would get a rug with a shag or texture as a conterpoint to the grey floors: bedroom. Or either of these: Presidio Hieghts Residence, Gorgeous bedrooms by Europeo.
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hello armanhaque,

decide what you want to look at when you wake up, what kind of flow (foot traffic) makes sense and draw it out before moving the pieces. saves the back a bit of strain.

I'd like to see you buy a plant or tree. A plant, an easy to grow type in case you don't want a maintenance thing where you have to spritz, feed, special sun requirements. Ask a local nursery what locals can grow in a pot that is virtually maintenance free.

As for colors, look at some rugs (after deciding floor plan) and decide what colors you can live with looking at and what rug is available at your price. No animals and no dirt - anything goes. natural fibers feel best on bare feet (in my opinion) good wool rugs last at least 20 years if vacuumed regularly. You can use any color you want to with your current room and it will work just fine.

I'll post a link for you, or two.
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this home uses black and browns quite a bit. They've also introduced a muted/grey sage and pumpkin in some of the rooms. You have to scroll down to find the bedroom picture. more later.

and this particular site has some interesting combinations. look specifically at the bedroom using: magenta, grey, wood, black and white. Edgy, but beautiful.
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Joyce Peter
Very nice and I like it
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I see a partition wall the one the sofa is facing. Do you have plans for a linear gas fireplace, t.v. or both for that wall?
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Go with the colors you've been dealt. Put the bed on the wall without the AC unit and paint it black. I'd put the sofa on the wall with the two pendant lights and paint that wall brown to match the window shutters. Add end tables under the pendants for the sofa, side tables for the bed with lamps as shown in the attached pic. The short wall next to the double door would be a great spot for a dressing table and mirror, assuming the doors go to a bath.
Add a couple of great rugs (shag, zebra, sisal would all work.)

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Thank you for your suggestions.

The partition in front of the sofa is the boundary wall of the staircase leading downstairs.

I agree some warm colours will add some vibrancy - cushions and rug are a good place to start as well as complimentary bed sheets.

As for the free flow, I feel that blocking the bathroom door wasn't the best option. However I have ordered a bed without taking into consideration the size and opted for "emperor size" having been carried away with wedding planning! The bed doesn't fit on either of the other plain walls.

I am now relocating the air conditioner.

Thanks everyone.
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I love your answer. Be carried away. we hope for that in life!
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Hi---I would keep within only a few colors for this space as your furnishings are quite sophisticated-they only need a backdrop. I suggest an overdyed rug (any color), and neutral walls-Art can be colorful---add mirrors across from windows to visually expand the space. Pics for inspiration. CheerS!
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