Chair color!?

Jenny EdwardsNovember 23, 2012
I have painted/stained my ugly table and it is less ugly for now. Looking for opinions on what color to paint the chairs (must be paint as I'm not going to strip them to bare wood to stain). Debating between the same dark brown as the base and back wall, or something completely different. I kind of like a red color that reminds me of Campbell's tomato soup!
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Nancy Hehmann
I would have done the base and chairs black. But if you like red, I am sure that is the way to go!
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Your style is obviously very casual. Scrub the chairs and leave them as they are. Put your money into an attractive area rug and some drapes. You might want to use your tomato red on the far wall, more appealing for a dining area that what you have, which is way too dark.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Sherwin-Williams's SW 6333 Foxy is a somewhat tomato soup color and should work nicely with what you've done so far. Have fun with it!
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Hi Jenny,

You can spruce up the entire room with contrasting art (large) on opposing wall. Red is a stimulant color, an action color that cues our appetite. So, depending how much you look at this room... :=)

I love a little red/maroon/wine/bordeaux color in my kitchen area at least two seasons a year. So, if you like to change things up seasonally, you can buy decent seat cushions in red. Tie in a carpet with same colorations and then the pictures for the wall/or accessories. Presto!

May I also suggest a small light on the brown wall as a table lamp? Also, if you own the water cooler, you can paint it to match the back wall and it will recede. :=) a kooky idea.

I'll post a link for you.
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Jenny Edwards
Thanks y'all, if you look at my first few postings you'll see that this room has just been professionally painted (colors picked by a decorator I like) and I'm really just looking for chair color ideas. All art and drapes came down to paint, budget reasons mean no new furniture. But...I will move the water cooler back to the kitchen when it gets put back together and I am looking for new art, got a new light fixture, put the drapes back up etc. So although your unsolicited advise may be good, I won't be re-painting or getting a rug :) Cheers, and thanks again.
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you should go with your gut.
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google rustoleum transformations furniture to see a YouTube video on this easy product.
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What a difference painting the base made. Can'twait to see the chairs. Nice job.
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Jenny Edwards
I realize the base looks kind of grey, I think it's the way the light is reflected off the still-wet paint. The paint is a really dark brown, and I since put a black minwax ebony stain overtop. I like the look, still going to polyeurathane it all once it's dry. The chairs I would like to paint and put cushions on, I just can't decide....dark, light or bright?
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What color do you have in the kitchen? If no color, I would paint them green and then use green as your new color scheme around the house. It is so nice to see the transformation when you have been given so many ideas. Great job.
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Aja Mazin
Well done!

Campbell's tomato red!

Vivid Symmetrical Dining · More Info
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Jenny,can you tell me about procedure? What exactly did you use?I have oak chairs and tablen in the kitchen and I am dying to paint them .
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Dark Green
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Lori_Tartaglia Volpatti
The table looks great! I would go with red or black for the chairs...
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Jenny Edwards
Sondramartina, I just kind of winged it with what I had. It's dark brown paint, two coats (BM Clinton Brown), and then ebony minwax stain, and a coat of polyeurathane. It looks darker in reality than it does in the picture.

I've decided to paint the chairs the same color, more pictures to come when it's all done.
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