Desperate! Computer Monitor with rocker recliner
November 24, 2012 in Design Dilemma
I have recently developed back problems and work at a computer some 12 hours a day. Even bought and returned $2000.00 ergonomic office chair. The only chair I can sit in for long periods of time is my, I know hold your nose, Lazy boy rocker recliner.

There isn't a wall next to my chair so I am using my laptop to connect to my big Apple Tower in my office, which has the 27 inch monitor. Without a wall I can't attach the 27 inch monitor to a monitor arm. However, I look down at my laptop and I understand this is the best way to look at your computer monitor for ergonomics. I need to have my 27 inch monitor to be low enough for me to look down on when I am in my rocker recliner. A desk won't do because I need to put my feet up sometimes to change positions.

I can buy a new iMac computer with wirless keyboard and mouse, but without a way to put these to use effectively it would be a waste of money.

Photos wouldn't help you with this. The problem is I need a way of using my 27 inch computer sitting in my rocker recliner and I need to be looking down at the computer.

iMac Tech Specs
Height: 20.3 inches (51.6 cm)
Width: 25.6 inches (65.0 cm)
Stand depth: 8 inches (20.3 cm)
Weight: 21 pounds (9.54 kg)2

Called Apple and size without stand is approx 3 to 4 inches less tall. They said they couldn't be more specific as they didn't have a machine.

I have searched and searched and I have seen many ugly configurations of people mounting the monitor on their side table.

Just thought a design expert could think of something with cleaver design qualities. So I am asking please help!!
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There are also tables designed to fit over, or swing over chairs and beds, something like what they have in a hospital, but more stylish. You might try a rehab supplier or even used dentist equipment to rig something up.

You could cannect your laptop with the TV and use it as your monitor, depending on how detailled of work you do. Maybe you could move the chair closer to the TV if you do graphic work.

Here is a basic table that can swing over the recliner that is bigger than most laptop desks
Perhaps a clamp or arm attached to it could hold the monitor.

This is very sturdy and can swing away when you get up. Not terribly attactive, but could fold away behind a plant or something. and would give you the most options to adjust your reclining position.

This one is an attractive desk that can be used with any chair and can be configured in many ways. It isreasonably priced and can fit everything you need near the recliner. With some casters, you could push it away when not in use.

Perhaps you could mount the monitor on the ceiling?

Then maybe something as simple as a large worktop to fit over the recliner would work--and inexpensive too.

Here is an elaborate do-it-yourself version

I guess these are possibilities you aren't interested in. Is there any possibility of getting another recliner and putting it in your office? Then you can configure it any way you want and not worry as much about aesthetics.
November 24, 2012 at 3:47PM     
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Check out company called CompX on Manitou Dr. in Kitchener Ontario Canada. They make these holders of all styles...
November 24, 2012 at 7:20PM     
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Hi victorianbungalowranch,

Thank you so much for trying to help. I really appreciate you taking the time!

OK, I don't want to be negative, but here are the problems with your truly wonderful suggestions. You don't live with this problem and haven't looked at it a 1000 ways, but my gosh you are good!

1. A basic table that can swing over the recliner - This doesn't solve the problem of needing to look
down at the computer, which you need to do or your neck will go bonkers.

2. The Walmart monitor arm doesn't hold more than 18 lbs and I need closer to 30

3. Easy Chair Work Station - OK I don't mean to be mean to the gentleman who owns this company,
but would you put a computer iMac that will probably run $5000.00 on this? It really doesn't look
like something I would trust not to tip over if pushed wrong. Also, the arm doesn't say you can tilt
the monitor back to look down at it.

4. Ergonomic Computer Desk - Can't be used with rocker recliner because you can't put the foot rest
up nor can you look down on the computer.

5. Perhaps you could mount the monitor on the ceiling? - can't look down on the computer. Really not a
nice look for the living room either. :)

6. Simple as a large worktop to fit over the recliner would work - Wouldn't work with a 27 inch monitor
to look down at.

7. Gaming Computer Desk - Beta 1 - LOL - not a Lazy Boy

8. Is there any possibility of getting another recliner and putting it in your office? - I did buy a very expensive office chair and had to send it back because I couldn't get comfortable in it.

There isn't a reclining chair like a Lazy Boy that is high enough. The reclining office chairs are only to be reclined in when not in an upright position. Another words you have to be at a 90 degree angle or a 180 but nothing in between.

As we all know in a recliner you can vary the position of the recline of the back of the recliner.

I have been looking at Ergomart Series 192 Offset Pole Length monitor pole and the SAA4229R Long reach Wacom Tablet arm. The pole will hold 50 to 250 pounds and the Tablet arm will allow for tilting the computer back to almost flat. The problem is this pole and long arm in the living room so this is the reason I ask for your help.

I am beginning to believe this is the only option. Just need to figure out the pole height to be less ugly in the living room. :)

I am going to upload some photo of what others have done and one from a designer, but it is only for a tablet. Table with mount picture is a good one. But I think it only works because they are in a corner and not in the middle of the room like I am. I may be wrong.

If someone could come up with a great idea on how to do this with the specs I need, I am sure I am not the only one out here needed this, they could really help a lot of people.

Thank you so much!
November 25, 2012 at 10:03AM   
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Am I understanding correctly that you DO have a pole mount for your computer that will meet your requirements? If so, perhaps spray paint it to compliment your decor?

If you have not found anything yet, have a "Loss Management Specialist" (specializes in ergonomic design) or an occupational therapist who specializes in workplace function come to your location for a consultation. Well worth the expense. I have been where you are.
November 25, 2012 at 10:21AM     
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Hi ezilla,

No I don't have pole mount yet. It seems like it would be so ugly in the living room is the reason I was asking or help, but it seems my only option.

Thank you so much for the Loss Management Specialist and occupational therapist suggestions. Had not thought of that and it really makes sense.

Sorry to hear you have same problem. Happy in my rocker recliner just need to have bigger screen. :)
November 25, 2012 at 10:26AM   
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This is the company I mentioned. I've toured the plant and seen their showroom. They have the people to solve your issue. I don't know about cost...
I have no affiliation with said company. Good luck.
November 25, 2012 at 10:26AM   
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Thank you. The pole and monitor arm I am looking at will do the same thing. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.
November 25, 2012 at 10:29AM   
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I meant, why not put another Lazy Boy rocker recliner in your office and all the equipment you need to get it just right for you. Then it won't dominate the living room. And if you get the full shebang in the office, you could have a less perfect set up as back up for the living room, or maybe a secondary desk for other members of your household.

I bet there are lots of people with similar problems if you check out the disability, programmers and gamers blogs. And there are a lot of computer screen arms capable of handling more than 18 lbs. I just picked it as an example that is easy to get.

Would looking down in a recliner be better than looking straight ahead or slightly up? That would seem more natural position. What does your occupational therapist say?

The Ergonomic Computer Desk can be used with a recliner with the foot rest up and if you look at the specs, it is designed so that every shelf can be changed to adjust to your situation, and it is more attactive than most and can be made in any wood with additional shelves and drawers. Not bad for something starting at less than $500, and study to boot (see picture).

Maybe you prefer to recline more than pictured. If so, them perhaps a custom-made table designed to fit over the recliner with a recessed nitch for the monitor might work, as long as you stay in about the same position most of the day. The nitch could possibly be designed to adjust up and down, perhaps with a TV type mounting arm that can go flat or tilted so it could be adjusted for different reclining positions.

Very old computer stands/ workstations were designed this way--I remember some from about 30 years ago. The keyboard and table were higher than the space for the monitor. I don't have any pictures unfortunately, but maybe you can get togethr with a talented cabinet maker and he can customize something just for you. The more you recline the trickier it will be because your knees may get in the way. Heck, you might even get together with a talented industrial design student if you have a college nearby. I went to a design school and they produced amazing full-scale stuff that actually worked.

I have worked with computers most of my life and now my eyesight is going and my carpal tunnel is giving me fits, so I can sympathize. I hope it works out for you.
November 25, 2012 at 2:41PM   
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Allison A.Couturier
Hello! i am hoping you found something to fit your needs by now, but I am a back pain sufferer as well as a knee replacement person and wrist pain to boot. I looked and looked and found the best things I have thought of try and mix and match- - 2 pics
February 18, 2013 at 7:02AM   
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