Bathroom renovation help
November 24, 2012 in Design Dilemma
I have a hall bathroom that I need to renovate. It is a 70's style bathroom now and I would like to make it modern. The people who would use the bathroom would be my daughter and guests. I need to take the wallpaper down but I don't know a good way to do it. I also need to add a fan. Please help me with ideas of what to do with this bathroom. Right now it has 2 sinks and I would like it to have one and maybe a makeup vanity. I also have no idea what color the bathroom should be. Please help! Thanx
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Emily Hurley
You could probably do a lot with this space by just changing out the wallpaper, curtains and painting and then maybe updating the light fixture.

I believe there are some products that you can paint on the wallpaper that will allow you to peel it off, but perhaps someone can give you some specifics. I have done it myself a time or two and it was surprising easy.

If you want to go much more contemporary, how about painting the walls a dark grey or black, and adding a small chandelier for lighting?

Traditional Bathroom

November 26, 2012 at 11:40am   
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Granite Grannies
If you are trying to update without completely gutting it, you could probably make it modern while leaving those gold wall tiles in. Replace the wall paper with a light wall color (maybe something white or a warm tone like a complementing gold) and replace the floor tile with a bigger tile size (the little floor tile size is dated). Change out the toilet & change out the countertops to something more contemporary and not plastic! I'll attach some stone color ideas. Lastly, change out the hardware on the cabinet to something contemporary like a simple black metal handle. Queen's Gold Granite Bathroom Vanity

Crema Marfil Marble Laundry Room Workspace

Coco Bois Granite Double Vanity

Woodstone Granite Bath Vanity

Juperana Delicatus Granite Tub Surround & Matching Vanities

Davidsonville,MD Custom Country Estate

Most of these color ideas have some of that gold in it that you could tie in so you don't have to replace all the wall tile

Good luck!
November 26, 2012 at 12:04pm   
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My middle bathroom is almost identical to far as the wall tile and layout. I too had wallpaper from 1968! Because there was sooo much tile and I could not afford to replace it, I tried working with it. It is kind of a tan but had a slight pink hue...which didn't work with many colors. Not sure if yours is the same or not??
I painted the 2 sink cabinet a dark espresso brown and changed the hardware to brushed nickel. Very square and modern. Looks good. all of the wallpaper would not come off, but I got as much off as possible. I then did a slight texture with sheetrock mud on the upper halves of the wall and painted them white. I have kept my big mirror thus far, and have not decided whether or not I will replace with 2 framed mirrors in the future, but may later? If you do keep the big mirror, I would build a frame around it. Either add a wall light fixture above the mirror, or 2 fixtures above each mirror if you decide to do 2....or modern wall sconces on either side of the mirrors. You can then replace the ceiling fixture you have now with a fan/light or just a fan.
I do have a built in wall cabinet above my you may want to add that for extra storage.
I have gone back and forth about the 2 sinks..but from what I have heard leaving the jack & jill sinks is a good idea, IF you plan to resell one day. I wanted to get rid of one of mine as well, but have been talked out of it. You may want to ask a realtor about that question.
Replace the countertop, sink (or sinks) and fixtures.
That's where I would start anyway, but you didn't indicate if you have a specific budget. If money is no object, there are a million things you can do!

p.s. I would change the floors in your bathroom though. To a pretty tile or something. That will not be expensive and a huge change to the look!
November 26, 2012 at 12:08pm     
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another thing i would do, is put a roman shade or bamboo roll-up blind in the window! :)
There is a product that is in a spray bottle for removing wallpaper. It is in a gel form. You can buy it at home depot, or probably any paint store. FYI
November 26, 2012 at 12:12pm   
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ct design studio
I am also under the assumption you are not gutting the bathroom. In that case, yellow, white and greys/charcoal is very current. In that case you could keep the wall tiles. The wallpaper can be removed a number of ways, one of the easiest being a product called dap. It is sold in home improvement/hardware stores. You wipe it on, let it sit and then scrape off the paper. After the wall is stripped, cleaned and repaired you could paint it a soft gray.

The floor could stay to keep the retro feel, change the toilet out to white. If the cabinet boxes are in good shape you could have new doors made or just give the whole thing a fresh coat of white paint and new hardware.

One vanity could be removed and that section of countertop could be lowered for a seated vanity area. A fresh countertop (I was also thinking delicatus) and white sink, either brushed stainless or chrome hardware, plus freshen anything in the shower (showerhead etc.)

You will need a professional to address what your options are for adding a fan. I don't really care for the large mirrors, however they are expensive, so you could add some sconces on the mirror, which will improve the lighting greatly for hair and makeup. Overhead lighting creates shadows. A roman shade in a fun print and you have a fun, funky, updated bathroom!
November 26, 2012 at 12:25pm   
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One more thing you could do to update the bathroom, but this not cheap from what I understand. Is replace the sliding shower doors to all glass with no metallic trim. OR a cheap alternative is to take those shower doors out completely and put a new shower rod in brushed nickel (if that's the color hardware you go with??) and put up a fabric shower curtain in whatever colors you decide to go with. There are so MANY cool and fun shower curtains these days. You can even have one made from a photograph. There is a place called DENY designs and I think they have some fun designs as well as custom made shower curtains. It's very artsy if you decide to go that way!
November 26, 2012 at 1:03pm   
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Keep the two sinks. They'll be useful in resale. Replace the overhead light, perhaps with a fan-light combo. Add one sconce on each wall perpendicular to the mirror; put a Reveal bulb in it for best color. Pick up a bunch of yellow paint chips and find the one closest to your tile. Circle that color on the card and carry it with you when looking for a new countertop, paint, lighting, etc.

New wallpaper could really update the looks of the bathroom, even without a new countertop.
November 26, 2012 at 1:15pm   
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Innovative Product Sales International
The new rotatable curved shower rod would work well in the narrow bath. The patented bar offers 9" of space while showering and then it can be rotated 180 degrees back into the shower and provides additional space back to the room. Also offer modern bath accessories, shower caddies, shelving and grab bars that all mount without drilling to tile, glass, stone, metal, wood and plastic.
November 29, 2012 at 7:22pm   
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