Need help with my living room

dontstop611November 25, 2012
I am in so need of help. I have been trying to decorate my living room for the past three months, as you can see I have two different curtains because I am not sure what goes. Please help, Any suggestions how I can give my living room the wow factor. The throw pillows are a blueish grey and ivory.
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I am replacing the lamps, there is too much black and I want to add more color.
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If you want to keep that dark furniture, then paint your walls a dark shade of brown Eggshell or satin. White or off-white drapes. White or off white rug at least 9' x 12' in size. White ceiling. Low square glass coffee table. Get rid of the little tables and lamps. Invest in a floor lamp. Move your furniture away from the door. Throw away the throw pillows. Hang a framed poster with some light blue or turquoise as an accent. Voila!
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A rule of thumb when placing a rug is to place the edge of the rug under the legs of the furniture. So I would start by properly placing the rug.
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Hi, can you post some pics of the rest of your room, from different angles? Would like to know how big the room is so furniture can be adjusted accordingly. Few things I can say based on my own experience. Move all the furniture a bit to the left, and bring the rug under the front legs of all of them, it automatically gives it a more cozy vibe. I prefer the drapes on the left. How about incorporating some metallics in the space? I guess once we see the rest of the space, that can be decided. Also the table on the left of the armchair doesn't seem to work with it, but maybe the picture fools the eye.
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I moved the rug closer to the couch, does it seem to small for this room. It is a 5' x 8', I also took pictures from other angles.
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The furniture looks like it is in front of the door, but there is actually a 4 ft space between the back of the furniture and the fish aquarium on the back wall.
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The rug is too small in the current layout. What you could do is to have the couch face the tv, move it along with the tables. Out the loveseat where the couch is now, and the arm chair opposite the love seat so it creates a U. Turn the rug 90degrees.
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Then you can move the furniture closer to the tv, to make it more cozy.
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The rug does seem too small. How does the other side of the room look - say, if you were standing behind the sofa and taking a photo? I'm thinking the rug should be more like 12x15, or at least 10x13. If it when all the way under the chairs, they wouldn't blend into the floors as they do. Is it possible to paint the walls?

Can the sofa be pulled out away from the windows? I believe I would want to put the big chair next to the sofa and maybe turn the smaller chair a bit towards the sofa so it makes a more cozy conversational arrangement. Also, can you paint the walls? A warm tan on the walls would take away some of the starkness.
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Its hard to tell by the photos, but the walls are a cream color with white base boards, but they can be painted. Should I keep the throw pillows and if so should I add in a solid one to break up the patterns?
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You like blue colors, but your floor has a very warm tone to it...and with black leather, warm tones (accent pillows, throws, etc) would actually look a bit better. If you are not used to having reds, oranges, and yellows in the room or your house in general, and it is really mostly a relaxing down-time sort of room (ie. not so much entertaining) go with warm neutrals like ivory. Other warm colors--keep them muted (not bright) if you decide to bring in any reds, orange or yellow. If you are attached to blue, keep it at a minimum and in accent pillows or throw blanket--and would be a good color paired with a soft yellow color. I would keep the blue away from the floor unless it is in small bits in a patterned rug.
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