Need creative layout help for our new, small master bed & bath!!!!
November 26, 2012 in Design Dilemma
Hi everyone,

We are working out the details for a 12' x 25' addition to our 1965 gambrel, which currently has 3 bedrooms & 1 full bath upstairs. The goal is to have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & laundry on the second floor.

We are trying to squeeze a lot in a tight space! We are also adding dormers to the existing & new portions of the house.

I've attached photos of the exterior as well as proposed second floor interior layout.

Current plans have a stackable washer/ dryer.

I really would like a freestanding tub & separate shower in the master bath. However, I think that the way you walk-into the shower might be odd - thoughts on that? Other layout ideas?

Also, I'm not loving the positioning of the bed - but the windows at the front are large so don't want to block those. We are going to fully vault the ceiling, and I'd like to do it in white-washed barnboard, which I hope will make it feel larger.

Our "master" closet is only 4 x 4. Yikes. Where will my husbands clothes go?

I welcome all opinions, feedback, ideas & help. Thank you, thank you!
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I don't understand your rationale. Are you expecting the family to grow? Are you making upgrades to improve market value of the home? I see suite potential here, but only three bedrooms, not four. You have a lot of doors too. I would want the bed on the new bathroom wall, not against the window, and would move something to make that happen. You are trying to squeeze too hard. Your opportunity for a walk-in closet is at the stairs perhaps with a dressing table in the dormer. I would want the new bedroom to become a walk closet and dressing suite. That would allow the tiny closet to become part of the bath, allowing for a door change and some reconfiguration of the bath and laundry. Would love to play around with a few ideas, but you may get an architect involved here who'd be more informed about what is doable.
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Do you really think you are going to use the tub much? If that were eliminated, you would be able to rearrange the layout and get a bigger closet. Do you have to have the laundry upstairs? Maybe on the main floor there is a spot for it.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hello renogrl, Marie here.

Why don't you switch where the tub and shower are now - put the shower by the vanity, tub beside the toilet - under the window, move your WIC to somewhere else, or, better yet, create an entire wall of closets rather than a walk-in - which can be a real waste of space if you just don't have the room.

Your plans were a bit confusing to decipher - not sure what the double lines were north of your bed, so I've quickly updated your plans to reflect what I am talking about. Good Luck, and do contact me if I can be of further design assistance.
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Thank you all so much. I think you're right. Something has to give, likely the tub or laundry.
Although the master suite idea would be wonderful, I need 4 bedrooms due to our family size!

These plans are from an architect but I just can't seem to get them to what feels perfect.

What do people think about laundry on main floor? It's currently in my basement so main floor would be better but not as ideal as upstairs. I guess I'd be smart to eliminate the tub and keep the laundry. Oh that makes me sad. I have already picked out my freestanding tub....

Marie, the double lines are simply the existing wall. Thank you for your ideas above. The front wall in the 3rd bedroom has a dormer & since we're a gambrel roof, we can't extend it down as you suggested (bummer!). I love your idea of just a wall of closets & you're right. Reaching in with bi-fold or sliding doors might be far more an efficient use of space. Hmmm, where could I put that though? It's so tricky.

Please, keep any ideas coming. Thank you!!!!
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Custom Home Planning Center
I would move the stack washer dryer behind the pocket door. The washer dryer area is now open to the bath and contains the toilet closet. This allows shower in a wet room design where the whole room drains to a outside wall to have a uniform tile or stone floor. The entrance to the bath is where the initial plan has the toilet. The vanity can thus be a double and run from the bedroom to the outside wall. The space behind the vanity wall is the walk in closet which is also larger and doesn't require you to loose your 2nd bedroom. This configuration allows for a free standing tub with a ceiling supply and no overflow drain allowing for a deep soak-er as the water overflows the edge or when the plug is pulled goes on the floor and then down the drain.
This for only getting rid of the wasted space in front of the washer dryer stack.
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I think I would rather have a tub than the washer and dryer. Find space on the main floor. You need a larger closet and if the W/D is eleminated, that space should expand. Also if you only had two windows over your bed, the wall of the bathroom could come out a bit. Then rework the layout so you can get a double sink.
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Custom Home Planning Center
It all fits in the space without the need to elimnate anything
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Modern Updates
I think I may have a solution for you. If you could reduce the size of your awning windows, you can add some width to the Master Bathroom and get most of your needs. I would make the washer/dryer area smaller...this allows a nice toilet room for added privacy. See attached sketch. Good Luck!
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Hi Ron,

I can't thank you enough for your time & thoughts on this design!!!! It's amazing and so in line with what I was trying to achieve! I love the tub positioned under the window. The closet is a dream.

I have one concern and maybe you have a suggestion:

The set of three windows were previously centered above the 3 of 5 windows on the lower level. If you look at the exterior Left elevation image in my original post you'll see this. How would this change the window positioning & do you have any thoughts?

Everyone else who commented: your insight & thoughts have been so helpful as well as we work through this process. Thank you all - you are amazing & your time is so appreciated.

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Modern Updates
Hi Shelly, glad to help. The windows are still centered over the windows below, they are just smaller in width. I don't think it matters that the windows are smaller width than the ones below, we have 3 instead of 5, just as long as the stay centered, that is the main concern. Good luck.
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Thanks, Ron.
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