Help furnishing fam room/man cave
November 28, 2012
Hello!! So here's my dilemma...this room we plan on using to watch football, movies, hang out etc I have the couch which I plan on keeping and a TV will go on the wall in front of it..we plan on adding a small bar on the opposite end in the space in front of the window..what else should I add? I was thinking stools or small table. Also how can I arrange everything to make the space useful..we have a big family :)
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Keerthi Naidu
It sounds like you have all the right ideas! If you add stools, it seems like the space may get too crowded - how about something that you can stow away when not in use, like floor pillows? Or a large ottoman that can double as a table and additional seating when necessary?
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Very small space. Can you reinforce with a beam on the ceiling and remove the upright post? I would want a flatscreen on a low shelf mounted in that recess down by the bi-fold closet. Cover the windows with good black out roman blinds to lower when needed during daytime viewing. Then float the sofa in the center facing the TV end of the room. I'd want the bar at the end that has the single window. There are a lot of outlets at that end, so there is room to plug in a fridge and/or wine cooler. Floor pillows would make the best option since you don't need to have them out all the time - good use for the closet.
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My suggestion would be to add a narrow console table behind the sofa. That way you can either put lamps on it or rest your drinks on it behind you etc. Do you use that door behind the couch? I would also suggest a mirror on one of the walls just to help make the face feel more open.
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For your bar, I would make it small and l-shaped, starting at the wall to the left of the door (right side of the photo). Have it wrap around at a 90 towards the closet door,but leave enough room so that you can walk thru, 30" or more if possible. If you plan on having a bar fridge fit underneath, use that as your minimum dimension. Its hard to tell what kind of depth you have there, but i would make it as small as possible. There should be room for a shelf or 2 on the side that faces the couch, for glasses and bottles.

I agree with putting a narrow table behind the couch, that will leave ample room for drinks space where they will be mostly out of the way. for seating, I have seen small fold up stools in a variety of styles that you could consider hanging on the outside wall of the bar, on hooks or something, so that they are out of the way when it becomes standing room only, yet they are easily accessible while watching the game.

Good luck! :)
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I think I would think about using the closet as the back for your bar...taking off the double doors and put a mirror inside that with floating shelves for bar glasses, liquor bottles, etc. Put a small frig and cabinet in the bottom of the closet and have your bar coming out from the wall by the window and out towards where your sofa is now. Does that make sense? You could have 2 stools maybe coming out from the window along the bar area.
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To add seating, create a coffee table made up of four small ottomans. Those can always be pulled apart when needed. Or use a simple glass sofa table under the window for your bar and put two square ottomans under.

I think a man cave calls for a new fan/light fixture! Something larger. And I would paint all the white woodwork and floor heater an espresso brown.
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Josie Nunez
Tio maximize space the couch could be changed to a right angle L or regular sofa and loveseat with seat on other wall. Other than that I love it!
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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
mpoulson is on point with closet bar! A must do! Yes to bar table and stools - not every one will want to sit lined up cozy on couch - need room to relax - and with a bar you will need a place to drink the beverages! Choose a rectangular bar table - simple - with pedestal bar stools - place it parallel with window wall (width side to wall) as close as you can to door with a bit of room - add 2-4 stools - and don't forget the man-cave decor!
Mediterranean Basement
Solaris, Vail
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