What kind of curtains/window treatments?
November 30, 2012 in Design Dilemma
As you can see we have been doing lots of construction. We've knock out a couple of walls and gutted the fireplace. I recently painted all the window trim white and the windows black. We still need to add the baseboards, stain the floors dark, paint the walls, and tile the fireplace. I have attached the tile we are going to use. I was thinking grey walls but havent picked the shade yet. Also I was thinking a patterned grey/white curtain? Do you have any ideas? I have attached one that I was thinking about getting. Also, do all the windows and doors have the same curtain? I have the three windows across from the fireplace(as shown) and then one window to the left of the fireplace and then one window and door to the right (as shown). I also attached the tile we are using for the fireplace.
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Can you post pictures of more of the room? Or of all three windows in the room.
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Aja Mazin

Or faux silk in a silver grey?
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the essentials inside
Hi kelcha! Very exciting, all the construction!

I love the curtains you have pictured. Where did you find them?

I don't think the curtains on all windows need to match thought it does make the decorating easier. Don't think you need curtains over the doors - maybe just a shade over the glass if you need privacy.

Do you already have furniture or do you still need to pick. Probably easier to do that b/f deciding on the curtains.

Here is article about using grey in the home & some pictures of living rooms w/grey walls, grey fireplace:

Ideabook: Using the Color Grey In Home Design

Hyde Park Loft
Willowgrove Living Room
Bill Bolin Photography - Christy Blumenfeld Architecture
Living Room

Hope this helps a little! Have a great night.

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I dont know if this helps? Its hard to show all the windows in one shot (because they are across from each other)..... I haven't picked out furniture yet & I know its sorta of backwards picking curtains first)... But I need to put something up so we dont feel like neighbors are watching us :)
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the essentials inside
Actually that pic does help - I didn't realize they were 2 separate rooms. In that case, it will be easier to use difft curtains.

I wouldn't rush to buy the final curtains -- you can get some temporary paper shades or some cheap curtains while you're finishing construction. You can get the paper shades at Lowe's or Home Depot & the cheap curtains at Wal-Mart or Big Lots/Christmas Tree Shop or some store like that.

Or take a look at some of the ideas for inexpensive window coverings from one of my favorite designers/bloggers: http://www.lynneknowlton.com/10-ahhh-mazingly-simple-decorating-ideas/

You have a really lovely space. I'm excited to follow your transformation & hopefully be a little helpful along the way.

Is the room w/the 3 windows going to be a dining room or a living/family room?

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Thanks for your help! I was trying to make it feel like one big room, because our tv will be above the fireplace.... oh and I forgot to answer your first posts question- Those are from Zgallerie.
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the essentials inside
Hi kelcha! Sorry I left you alone for 2 days. :) Busy weekend.

So the space will be all living-room-type space. Okay, have to think.....I'll be back!

In the meantime, you might also want to take a look at this thread - http://www.houzz.com/discussions/255388/Need-help-with-room-layout-for-two-adjoining ---similar dilemma.

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I like these curtains.

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the essentials inside
Hi kelcha! Hope all is well & you had a great weekend.

Different style but nice layout...
Home Farm 1 1
Home Farm 1 2

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