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December 1, 2012 in Design Dilemma
I hope everyone is well?

I have attached a first picture of my current bedroom. After a few years of research now of the perfect headboard (the one atm isnt nice anymore, my cats ruined it a little! same goes for my curtains). I stumbled upon the second picture on a blog called beingbrook .com
I was wondering what people would think if, it'd fit my bedroom? I am planning to do the same with my side table with are cheap and basic IKEA side tables. On that headboard I planned to attach a fabric one made out of a bench cushion! Will get rid of my frame with the puzzle and will put art instead going in the direction of the below black and white canvas collection.

I also have 2 small IKEA side board, the really plain and cheap ones for £15 which I changed the knobs with crystal clear ones and am thinking about painting them with Annie Sloan Chalk paint color-French Linen. will post another picture as cant add any more.
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here is the picture of the sideboard color with clear knobs too!! Any feedback? Will also change the curtains. Any ideas? Please no boring grey as I have purple/kiwi green atm which I find quite exciting, maybe a more subtle purple that fits the green, grey cream and distressed headboard? My carpet is a darkish green, cant change it as I am renting..
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The seat cushion idea is great.
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I love the AS chalk french linen painted dresser & glass knobs. I think I would also paint the night tables and head board in the AS paint (rather than the green gray cream paint) and then distress the AS chalk paint on the headboard and leave the night tables not distressed. What fabric are you going to use for the bench cushion head board? bed spread?
I think the room's paint should be chosen after you decide on the colors of the bed linens.
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The only thing I see in your current bedroom that will work with your inspiration pieces is the bedspread. I believe you'll have to rethink everything and possibly buy an area rug to layer over the present carpet.
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All 4 Show, LLC
Love the vibrant colors!! However, if you buy "floor to ceiling" panels that extend out beyond the window opening would be more fabulous!! If u want to use the same curtain material, add on a contrasting fabric to it with the use of fabric glue or a sewing machine!! But just remember the rule of thirds...good luck!! :0)
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Aja Mazin
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i have different bed spreads, and i have no spread to put over it during the day and wouldnt know where to go with it during the night. We have shoe boxes in the UK instead of homes unfortunately so I dont have much room to play with. Thank you for everyone's feedback, I am not keeping these curtains, but just not too sure what color to go with, will play around in photoshop and see what fits. My partner doesnt want grey as headboard but she loves the distressed look though which im really happy about!

Changing my whole room would be more expensive, i dont have any money atm and will only do all that next summer...

thanks again!
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How about keeping the green behind the bed and painting the other walls an off white + green curtains?
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