Need help for my hardwood kitchen floors

cindyreeceDecember 6, 2012
I am having my hardwood floors refinished. My cabinets are stained dark cherry with bronze hardware. My walls are a medium brown with white ceiling and trim. I do not know what color to do hardwood floors. Any ideas?
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I'm having trouble picturing dark cherry cabinets with brown walls, can you please post a pic? I think to go anything other than a light floor could end up being cave-like, but I'd really like to see a pic first.
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Lee Design and Interiors
If this was our project we would match the floors to the cabinets, and lighten up the wall colors. We would also take the wall color and cut it in half and use that on the ceiling, leaving the trim white. -Lee Design
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A Kitchen That Works LLC
I concur with Lee on the walls, ceiling and trim. However, I would recommend a stain for the floor that is lighter than the caninets to render more contrast, allowing your cabinets to pop.
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Here is my kitchen..there is a spec of gray in the granite so I was considering doing a gray floor..I am not sure how durable a gray floor would be. Also I can change the color of my trim..what sheen for hardwood floor would you recommend as well? thanks for all the help
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Do you have other hardwood floors in the house? I like all floors in a house to be the same stain. If these are the only hardwoods, I agree with above, either stain the same as cabinets or slightly lighter with the same tone as the cabinets. I would not do a gray floor. Match the flooring color to a large area (like the cabinets) not some small spec contained in the granite! Look at different floor finishes in your home and see what you like. Wall paint seems more of a tan and looks nice.
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Hardwood goes in formal dinning as well as down hall. It will all be refinished at the same time.
Great ideas on doing the floor in the same tone as cabinets but a little lighter..I am thankful for all responses!
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Be real careful on refinishing floors. I got mine done and they turned out horrible. I was not allowed to really look at them throughout the process because the fumes were strong and we could not be in the house. Once they put down the polyurethane it was too late to go back. Now I have zebra looking floors that I'm stuck with til I can afford new ones.
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I consider the flooring color to be more important than the wall color since it is a lot more difficult to change. Don't go dramatically light or dark on the floors but stick somewhere in the middle and use the undertones in the cabinet finish to coordinate with the floor stain.

I suggest doing a two-part water base finish for the floors. It is more expensive, but I believe it is more durable as well. Aso, the water base doesn't have the yellow to orange tones of the oil based poly finishes. I would go with a satin finish, perhaps semi-gloss, but not high gloss unless your existing floor has lots of issues. Then, we tend to go towards gloss as the sheen becomes more noticeable than the problems in the underlying surface. (I do a lot of work in older, lower-priced homes where complete refinishing or replacement isn't in the budget.)

If you do choose an oil-base finish, be sure to have a sample piece of wood stained and finished before you OK the stain color since it will look somewhat different after the finish coats are on. If you're going water-based, test the stain color on the middle of the kitchen floor where you can just sand it off if it isn't right. We've been known to put several test patches out in the middle and then sand them off after we pick the color.
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Good advise...thank you
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Can we see a closer picture of your cabinet colour maybe in natural light and one of your counter top too. I already see 12 lights on in your kitchen. under and upper lighting, pots and chandelieres on. Seems like it's already too dark and you compemsating for it, with all the lights. I can't imagine going with a darker floor. Cherry cabinets and a medium to light grey floor can be absolutely beautiful and a little more up to date thaen the brown.
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I will take more this afternoon...gray was my first choice..just did not want it to look dirty...the other flooring in my house is tile, mostly beige with spec's of gray..carpet will be off white..will do that as soon as hardwood is completed.
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