How many wood types can you use in a space?
December 7, 2012 in Design Dilemma
I am currently building a home. I am really struggling with the number of wood types I am using throughout the home, particularly in the foyer. The front door is mahogany, floor will be 5" white oak the ceiling is a pine barrel ceiling, and there are stone & Cedar columns between the foyer & dining room.

Is this okay to have this many wood species?
I am concerned it will be difficult to match stain since all woods take it differently. Thus I think it would be better to purposely make them different.

I also have stained alder doors in the home and am considering walnut kitchen & built-ins in the family room.

Any guidance will be appreciated.
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A. Peltier Interiors
It does sound like a ton of different wood stains and no you probably will never get them to match and really they should be stained to what makes them look best. But what type of style is this home, is it more of a cabin? then having lots of wood is what can bring in some of that charm. Also, I would try and eliminate some wood from those selections, so pick what should be wood first. Like the floors, the ceiling probably looks amazing, and maybe the columns. But the doors and kitchen might be the place to choose something else. if you do decide to do decide to do that much wood, try staying in the same species for somethings and be mindful when you pick stain colors that you stay within the same tones, so if you like reddish undertones, then they should all go in that direction. If you prefer a more grey undertone then they all should try and have some of that undertone, this will help unify things.
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I am going for a contemporary mountain style. There is a lot of wood elements in the design exactly for the reason of giving warm and charm. I like contemporary and my husband is more traditional. The moldings in the house will all be painted.

In the foyer I have the oak floors, the mahogany door, the cedar columns and the pine barrel ceiling.

In the kitchen and great room , there will be the oak floors, either alder or walnut cabinets (stained very dark), alder doors and douglas fir trusses (stained ?) in the vaulted ceiling.

Thanks for the thought about the stain undertone. I hadn't thought about that. Will definitely keep that in mind.
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Granite Grannies
I personally love the look of many different woods together. Here's the way I like to think about natural elements in the home: If you are mixing and matching manufactured things like wallpaper, then yes, you could easily disrupt the serenity of the home by adding too many. However, think of a garden....a large variety of thoughtfully chosen species actually adds to the beauty and serenity of the garden! It's the same with wood. Of course, if you just carelessly threw together whatever you found, the look wouldn't be pleasing, but by thoughtfully choosing a wide variety of wood species, you are bringing more of the outdoors inside, which never hurts in a mountain style home. Another thing to think about is trying to use the wood species that grow naturally in your area/state (even if you don't buy them locally). That way, your home will mimic the landscape in a way. I think what you have described already sounds lovely, especially the pine ceiling.
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